Lin Wood 23.03.30


I just returned to Tomotley from a 4-hour meeting with 4 REAL Patriots at The Inn At Cotton Hall to hear that President Trump may have been “indicated” or “indicted” by the Bragg grand jury in NY!!!

Grand jury proceedings are clothed in secrecy.

Did someone leak this story to the FAKE news media to “Bragg” about it???

If the reports are true, the Soros-backed prosecutor has just played directly into President Trump’s hand!!!

Maybe the “sleeping” Americans, if they are REAL Patriots, will “WAKE UP” to the TRUTH about what Soros and his cronies wanted to do to our country. Other Soros-backed prosecutors and organizations better WATCH OUT!!! They are getting closer and closer each day to being exposed for their wrongdoing!!!

If this was a card game, I would say, “THE OPPONENT HAS JUST PLAYED INTO TRUMP’S STRONG SUIT!!!”

If this was a tennis match, I would say, “ADVANTAGE TRUMP!!!”

If this was a boxing match, I would say “TRUMP HAS THEM ON THE ROPES!!!”

If this was a chess match, I would say, “TRUMP IS ONE MOVE CLOSER TO CHECKMATE!!!”

What do you say???

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

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