Steve Bannon 23.04.02

For a long time on this channel, we have told our followers to prepare, that worse times are ahead.

Now that President Trump is about to be arrested, whilst others are being jailed for memes and peaceful actions, it is clear that the facade of democracy is simply that, a mirage that has stopped us from rightfully rising up and justly taking power.

So as we enter a new age, where we can finally see reality, it is important to reiterate again that we must prepare with supplies to keep our families and communities safe. This means long-term food storage, fuel and a means to legally defend yourself. In regards to the latter, the price of guns and ammunition keeps going up – so at the very least, see it as a worthwhile investment.

But perhaps most importantly we must prepare ourselves for the battle ahead mentally and spiritually. There is no voting our way out of this when it’s a rigged system. There is nobody coming to save us but ourselves. The beast-system is corruptly turning all the institutions against us. So prepare for the future, know who your enemy is and more importantly know who your friends are. Start having conversations with your family, friends and neighbours in regards to planning for the battles ahead.

If this is what they have planned for President Trump – imagine what they have planned for you and your family.


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