Glenn Beck 23.04.03

Glenn Beck makes a compelling case on why the elite want people to lash out so they can create a patsy and blame Patriots for the seeming looming system collapse. Be wise in your actions and remember we are the calm in the storm:

“We are at the iceberg (collapse) and the reason why this is happening to Donald Trump is because they need you to riot, to burn, to shoot.. They need that because everything is about to collapse and it can’t be blamed on them. Because they are the ones that are going to say.. See! This is what happens when you let free people be free. That’s why we need to put a lid on it…

Instead of the rest of the world looking at the elites.. saying look what you have done.. You have collapsed our economy..Pray for your country like you’ve never prayed before.. Humble all of us in these days.. I’d prefer a gentle reminder but if it takes Behold the hand of God we will take that as well..”

—Glenn Beck

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