Marjorie Taylor Greene 23.04.03

23 0403

Tomorrow, I’m going to New York City to PEACEFULLY PROTEST the unjust indictment and political persecution of President Trump. But, what should be a safe and constitutionally protected event will be clouded in fear due to the crackdown on conservative protests since January 6th.

I realize this is a dangerous and risky move but this is too important to sit on the sidelines. I’m going to need significant security to prevent bad actors from disrupting our PEACEFUL PROTEST.

I’m going to be intimidated by the weaponized government or the agitators on the radical left, someone needs to stand in the breach and speak up for our President and our right to protest — but I will NOT back down and cower while they try and put President Trump in jail.

If you can, please help my campaign cover the cost of security and protest supplies for our PEACEFUL PROTEST >>>

I’m sure you’ve seen the double standard in full display these last few weeks, with extreme transgender activists storming and occupying multiple state capitol buildings with absolutely no media outrage (they are cheering it on because the regime approves it) and no sweeping law enforcement crackdowns.

The constitution guarantees our right to PEACEFUL PROTEST, but it sure feels like Republicans aren’t allowed to protest anything these days.


Well, I’ve had enough of all the double standards, and I’m going to answer President Trump’s call for PEACEFUL PROTEST.

If you can’t join us there, I hope you’ll chip in a few dollars to help us have a successful PEACEFUL PROTEST.


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