Peter Strzok & FBI Lawfare

Peter Strzok & FBI “Lawfare”. Sounds like a Threat to me! We know it was FBI Agent Provocateurs that caused J6 Chaos. Peter Strzok is insinuating that the FBI will respond violently against any critics; that’s like the Intelligence Community has “Six Ways to Sunday” for getting even w/ anyone who criticizes it; w/ have DS “Warnings of Violence” against critics of DS “law-fare” being waged against Patriotic Citizens by DS Agencies; and we can see that working out in NYC today as we speak! —crp

About 2012 Convergence

This is just a basic blog site intended to share information as the viewer might seem fit. It supports freedom of information and expression and does not contain any obscene material or pose any form of a security threat. Simply view only at the reader's discretion. .... Chris
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