Leftist Hypocrisies

Leftist hypocrisies:

CLAIM: Mandating electric cars will save the planet!

TRUTH: Electric cars require enormously destructive cobalt and lithium mining, and are too expensive for working class to afford.

CLAIM: We are for the working man!

TRUTH: Nothing has hurt the working man more than Democrat pushed lockdowns, suffocating federal regulations, and out-of-control spending which sparks out-of-control inflation.

CLAIM: We’re tolerant and inclusive!

TRUTH: The left bans conservatives from speaking on campus, criminalizes traditional values, and uses Antifa/BLM riots as a core part of its political intimidation tactics.

CLAIM: We want to save Democracy!

TRUTH: Weaponizes the justice system to target political opponents, pro-life activists, and even parents who disagree with the Regime.

CLAIM: We want a humane immigration system!

TRUTH: Left-wing neglect of the border has fueled an unprecedented surge of human trafficking, rape, slavery, and murder along the U.S. border.

CLAIM: We’re not racist!

TRUTH: Everything the left says, does, thinks, or writes is viewed through the prism of toxic, resentment-driven racial politics.

CLAIM: We care about the health and wellbeing of children!

TRUTH: Rip children away parents with state-sanctioned kidnapping, advocate for genital mutilation of minors, forced masking, and myocarditis-inducing Covid shots.

CLAIM: We want our public schools to be excellent!

TRUTH: Force poor kids to attend failing schools and protect bad teachers from getting fired via powerful unions. Oversee generational decline in test scores and total collapse of school discipline.

CLAIM: We need to ban assault weapons!

TRUTH: “Assault weapons” aren’t a thing. Also, urban gangs kill magnitudes more people with handguns than the rest of America kills with rifles.

CLAIM: We need gun control now!

TRUTH: Gun control will only affect law abiding citizens. Democrat-run, soft-on-crime cities arrest and release homicide suspects on average 10+ times before they commit murder with a firearm.

CLAIM: Roads are racist!

TRUTH: Black roadway fatalities are up post-George Floyd riots because cops stopped pulling over reckless black drivers.

CLAIM: Conservatives are prudes!

TRUTH: Leftists are perverts.

I could go on…

—Charlie Kirk

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