Divine Purpose of Humanity

What is the Divine Purpose for Humanity? The answer to this is fundamental and essential to any political or historical discussion.

At first glance what you see (and are experiencing) is what you get because that’s what’s happening, apparently. It is what it is. One’s drama in life is in dealing with that fundamental (carnal) (circumstantial) reality.

In Divine Creation “Form follows Function” – as we can see throughout all of nature i.e. the natural world. The manifesting forms of all living creatures and their aesthetic symbiosis as an ecological tapestry of life most beautiful to behold!

When we consider the current dramatizations of human existence these days it seems we’re dealing with a vile aberration of Divine Creation approaching a point of total human self-annihilation unless there’s a major Divine Intervention reconciling this final calling.

What then is the Divine Purpose for the Human Race in the Divine Natural schema of things?

Just what is this “phenomenal entity” presenting itself as a human person, as an individual (or ego) assuming God Given “unalienable rights”?

One point that must be made clear is that this “phenomenal creature” (ego) of a person with a personal reality is an effect and is not the Divine Soul. The Soul, as it may be, is attending the “effect of personality” as if oneself.

What is the Divine Nature and Purpose of the Divine Soul? What is this sentient Life Bearing (animating) Source of Divine Creation?

What is the Divine Nature and Purpose being served by humanity manifesting “The World” such as we know and experience it today?

The Word – as in the “Language Programming” of the human mind instrumental to human functions in “The World” – we can see the methodical programming of human manifestations.

But what of the current pandemic of vile obscenities and trans-human zombie like “demonic madness” that’s now infiltrating (infecting ) traditional human societies and cultures as we speak?

What will be the Divine (enduring) “projection” of human existence culture and society into the future; as the destiny of the human race unfolds?

What will the life of the Human Personality become in “The World” to come?

Without Divine Consciousness and the Self Conscious “experience of life” what would existential reality be?

Acceptance of the Divine Reality underlying all our personal experiences, no matter how we understand our human reality, is key; but only under the willful direction of Divinely Inspired common sense according Divine Creation.

We want or desire to feel “at home” just as we are; we want or desire familiarity along with the sense of belonging and relationship according where we are and why we are where we are; as well as being recognized by others as to who we are where we are as part of a human community and nation.

Our Reason for Being. Our Circumstances of Conception and Birth in “The World” fundamentally accounting for our presence in “The World” as a product of our parent’s familial community circumstances and actions.

Of What Divine Dispensation applies to one’s situation of being in “The World”?

How should we confront (account for) “The World” of profane madness and demonic obscenity that is increasingly manifesting in current events before our very eyes and personal sensibilities in today’s world?

For this “I” can only be a “cognitive witness” for understanding today’s unfolding events to the best my cognitive ability to be as a human soul living in this world.

Unconditional Acceptance with Unconditional Understanding of “The World” – just “as it is” – from a human perspective.

With Self-Realization of Divine Love and Wisdom.


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