Marjorie Taylor Green 05/07

A lot of people are asking me when we are going to release the J6 video tapes.

Well I’m wondering the very same thing and waiting too.

The American people paid for the video cameras that are installed all over the Capitol building that they also pay for.

And most of all the riot scenes have been shown repeatedly a gazillion times in loop for over two years anyways.

It won’t give the Democrats anything new, but it might give us all something new.

January 6, 2021 is the most politicized day in American history and Democrats are going to base their entire 2024 campaigns attacking Republicans and President Trump about J6 because their party and their policies are SO BAD and America Last that they have no record to brag about, only tremendous failure.

Over 1,000 people have been arrested, charged, served time, and are still awaiting trial AND the Democrat weaponized DOJ says they are arresting 1,000 more.

Remember when Tucker Carlson released video footage especially about Jacob Chansley and everyone found out and couldn’t deny the TRUTH that the guy did absolutely NOTHING WRONG but walk in the Capital wearing a costume and a crazy bull horned hat?

And Tucker was also able to show that Brian Sicknick was not killed on J6 by protesters like ALL the Democrats and the media told you.

Yes well the rest of the video footage needs to be released to THE PEOPLE because it’s hard to lie to people all the time when they can go look at it and form their own opinion.

AOC and the well funded anarchist communists groups that support her are still organizing riots against police because she’s big mad at another white guy for bravely defending people from a dangerous known criminal who died later, instead of the innocent law abiding tax paying citizens who suffer from her horrible America Last Criminal First Democrat policies, and none of her Antifa ground troops are rotting in jail.

And we all know AOC and the Dangerous Democrats will continue to call for more riots because they DON’T believe in justice or peace.

People need to stop tolerating their violent insanity.

We need to release the J6 tapes to a public online source so that everyone knows what did and didn’t happen, we need to restore fair justice, and America can move on.


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