Nancy’s J6 Op Perspective

Jacob Chansley was arrested, charged, prosecuted and is almost finished serving time faster than the FBI and DOJ has ever done anything on the Biden’s known corruption and crimes.

What’s the difference?

Chansley, on video, walked in the Capitol on J6 wearing a costume and was escorted by Cap Police, prayed for police and our country, told people to obey the law, and never got paid a penny, but was used as the face of the “Insurrection” and had his human rights violated and has been treated worse than most criminals.


The Biden family has participated in influence peddling of Joe Biden’s powerful political career for payments from foreign nationals and foreign governments. Hunter and his law firm participated in human sex trafficking and money laundering. Hunter is under “investigation” for tax and gun crimes for years with no action from the DOJ. And now we have proof through whistleblowers of Joe Biden himself, as VP, taking money from a foreign National in exchange for policy decisions.

And 51 people from the Intel Community LIED and signed their name to a letter saying the Hunter Biden laptop is Russian disinformation and the media regurgitated their big fat lie 24-7 to push the “talking points” for Biden in the 2020 election just because they hated Trump. Politico stated today that they have not yet verified the contents but some of the emails are real, what a sad pathetic joke. Even Hunter Biden has admitted it’s real by suing the laptop repair shop and other mainstream media has verified its real. You only have to be alive and breathing to know that laptop is real and it’s contents are 100% produced by Hunter Biden.

The most pathetic and disgusting thing about all of this is that Washington knows all about the Biden’s corruption and embarrassing vile behavior and does NOTHING.

Without full control, Republicans in the House must use the power of the budget and appropriations to remove those who abuse their power to protect criminal elites.

That is how we drain the Swamp.


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