The Durham Report 2023

“The Durham Report spells out in great detail the Democrat Hoax that was perpetrated upon me and the American people. This is 2020 Presidential Election Fraud, just like “stuffing” the ballot boxes, only more so. This totally illegal act had a huge impact on the Election. With an honest Media, we are looking at the Crime of the Century!” —DJT

Trump responds to the Durham report:

“It affected the 2020 Presidential election. This is a disgrace and they should do something about it. And that includes whatever you have to do about the Presidential election.

When I got there it was loaded up with Rhinos and Democrats. We got so many out. This is the deep state. And we will make very big changes we actually did a very good job at getting many out.

They ran government for a long period of time. And we came in and broke up the act. A lot of people weren’t happy about it.

This is tremendous detail.

Total vindication.

And now something should happen.”

Trump just told us that he was very pleased with the report and that now something should happen!


Scavino weighs in on Donald Trump’s vindication.

“Mark my words, this will make him stronger and support will continue to grow.”

The further we go into the Great Awakening, the more people are realizing that Trump and his allies have been the ones standing directly in the way of the globalist plan.

The only reason they framed Trump for treason was because of this singular fact: He is a threat to their control.

People are waking up!


Kash Patel says the fake news is being forced to report that President Trump is innocent as a result of the Durham report & they are “injecting that into the media narrative for the first time to an audience that has never really heard that.”

Welcome to the great awakening.


Now that John Duram has admitted that Russia Gate was a total hoax, I want to remind everyone that 5 YEARS AGO, on the first day of disgraced former FBI Director James Comey’s A Higher Loyalty” book tour at Barnes and Noble in New York City, I confronted Comey with a list of questions about some of the former FBI Director’s unethical behavior.

I asked him if it was “ethical leadership” to brief President Donald Trump about the unverifiable and salacious Steele dossier that was funded by Hillary Clinton and her associates. Comey was dumbfounded, & I was promptly shouted down by the audience and escorted out by security.

President Trump was 100% right to FIRE THAT DIRTY COP JAMES COMEY!!!! #WITCHHUNT #LockComeyUp


WILL CAIN: The FBI worked to rig the outcome of an American Presidential election… What we learned today in the Durham Report is the FBI worked as a disinformation shop for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party

“Special Counsel John Durham’s Report shows us the same people that lecture you today about ‘threats to democracy’ nearly destroyed it by using our intelligence agencies to target the Republican nominee for President, then sitting President, Donald Trump.”

SEAN DAVIS: Our own government, our own federal law enforcement agency perpetrated a hoax directed by conning the American people

“The conclusion I gathered from this report is the FBI is a Domestic Terror organization. They used their power, their influence, to lie and try to rig an election. I have a hard time looking at this with any other conclusion than the FBI has to be DEFUNDED… This wasn’t one or two rogue agents, this was directed from the very top, all the way down. It was a Coup.”


The Russia investigation was the greatest hoax in American political history. But we’re just supposed to trust the “justice system”…

As Alvin Bragg indicts Trump using a “novel” legal theory?

As a jury awards $5 million to a creepy Apprentice superfan who can’t remember what year she was allegedly raped?

As a grand jury in Georgia targets Trump for asking about voting integrity in corrupt Fulton County?

As our intel agencies aided and abetted in not one, but two Trump impeachments?

As the FBI raids Mar-a-Lago while Joe Biden has boxes of classified documents sitting in multiple offices?

As NYC indicts an Daniel Penny for protecting bystanders from a dangerous lunatic on the subway?

As Douglass Mackey gets 10 years for making memes?

As the FBI targets conservative patriots, tying compensation to how many “domestic extremists” they can prosecute.

As the DOJ holds J6 political prisoners in solitary confinement?

As the DOJ targets concerned parents at local school board meetings?

As the FBI infiltrates and instigates the kidnapping of Gretchen Whitmer?

As pro-life activists get raided by the FBI for charges local prosecutors passed on?

As the McCloskeys lose their right to own guns for brandishing them in self-defense against a mob?

As BLM and Antifa continuously terrorize our cities with impugnity?

Absolutely not!

Hillary Clinton knew her campaign completely fabricated the Russia hoax to distract from her illegal private server, but she still said this:

“He knows he’s an illegitimate president…I know that he knows that this wasn’t on the level…History will probably sort it all out.”

—Charlie Kirk

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