A Personal Reflection


A Personal Reflection

It took me from 1950 to 1998 after feeling all those years that I was what is wrong with this world to coming to the realization that it is not me. Not to mention how egotistically counter intuitive that sense of self is – what I found is that the world is the way it is regardless of what I might think. There is nothing to fix really unless you imagine that there is. Over these years I have studied very hard and have made use of the very good advice of Study Tech in the process of understanding to the best of my ability every named thing in this universe and its purpose for being. I understand how language and the mind works. My goal was to see the world and all these things as it appears at the very top of hierarchal systems – world leaders – in all fields of civilizations past present and future. What I see from that point of view I only want to share with others who might benefit from that knowledge and understanding of current events and the wisdom that it yields. And beyond that an intuitive flow beyond thoughts and words that gives one a sense of security accepting the world as it is. It is only the ego that strives to be immortal and goes to extremes to achieve immortality. Whatever is perceived as wrong with this world is perceived from that point of view and it is from that point of view that wrongness needs to be fixed. To me hell would be forever living as Christopher Pearson. I almost died about a year ago and throughout that experience I simply observed what was happening and found it a very curious and interesting experience. It is not the first time for NDE (Near Death Experience) for me but it was definitely the most intimate. Sawsen for one was extremely angry with me about it. Right after that episode Brent became closer and he is actually helping me to unload all this baggage I have been carrying with me accumulated throughout my life. Now things are much different in a better way. Perhaps because I am no longer trying to fix myself or the world. Fixing the world is big business to the max and the irony of that is that there is nothing that needs to be fixed or even can be fixed unless it is perceived that there is something wrong with yourself or the world as it is. As for me I am wrapping up my business in this world! It has been one hell of a ride! And now it is a done deal. For what it’s worth….. Chris


Operation 2012: Sensationalism vs. Cognizance

Public sensationalism and exploitation of the 2012 issues is big business and its bottom line is that it generates the most confusion possible in the public sector while promoting pseudo realities in the most generalized ways. Any actions that the public sector are or may be taking are to be understood as radicals in any future equations. The Globalist Masters and their supporting infrastructures have all the data, means and resources, and solutions in place (and have had this for centuries (at least)). In the public sector one is “on their own” to negotiate their own fate. I would move away from sensationalism and into the acquisition of knowledge and realistic understanding of what is in progress. With this comes wisdom, and a guiding intuition that is one’s best resource under these 2012 circumstances. It is not a matter of personal survival at the collective level of Human existence. An obsession with sensationalism and survival of self is what the ego does best and it can not survive because it is ultimately a psychological illusion – a fantasy being. The collective (field) is within the essence of all life and specific to each species. In this resource it is not just you – it is we – and our progeny that will draw intuitively from this field of intuitively transmitted knowledge. Whatever confusion is added to it will only result in a non optimum future condition of existence for our survivors. It is up to you to choose just what you are contributing to the collective field of Human experience and what bearing it will have on a future outcome.


Current Scene 2012 and Present Time Progress

All that is above Top Secret will not be revealed until after the Convergence cycles are completed. Attempting to construct a New World based on the most recent discoveries and technologies would be fruitless if this world is about to be destroyed. Establishing ET Exopolitical negotiated agreements and ET bases would be destroyed as well. All of these “revelations” and “reconstructions” of our world can only be effectively accomplished after the cataclysmic times into which we are now entering. Take a major case in point being the return of Niburu – Zecharia Sitchen’s “12th Planet” which as I have read is actually a planet orbiting a brown dwarf star companion to our Sun but on such an ecliptic orbit that it is continuously obscured to astronomers (not too dissimilar to the dark side of our Moon) and the ET civilization that resides on it which has periodically interacted with Earth recorded in the past ages histories. Conveniently the next intersection is not due until 2075 or there abouts at least 50 years after our catastrophic period. All the while there are some groups portending its arrival in 2012 as being the source of this catastrophic period for Earth! The Time-line of Convergence demonstrates clearly that no Higher Intelligence is going to establish anything on Earth prior to and during this current time because that would be a totally foolish and unintelligent thing to do. Only after this period when global conditions settle out to a new status quo will constructive interactions start to take place. FYI


The Official Position 2012 Issues

As it has been well established from Churchill to Truman Above Top Secret 2012 issues have been cloistered by the Intelligence Communities involved. It was determined then as now and in the ancient past that revelation of the facts of these issues would cause public panic, pandemonium and chaos. As at least 80% of the burgeoning Human population will be purged in the ensuing events it was determined not to make a public announcement as to the actual facts of this matter. Seems reasonable from their point of view! But those public who have come into contact with this information either directly or indirectly have a choice and that is to be informed intelligently about these issues and to act according to their innate intuition. That intuition is best developed and described by the Dhamma and Vipassana Meditation. It is well advised to take this advice to heart!

See Updated Link FYI


The total effect of any Human activity on this planet is probably less that 1% of 1% in relation to natural/cosmic cycles and phenomena. Politics as usual uses a knowledge of natural events in order to impress their constituencies as to their magickal powers. It is only a “card trick” in disguise. Don’t be suckered into it!

Moses was an initiate of the Egyptian Magickal Societies. During the catastrophic eruption of Mount Sinai he made a break with his Jewish following. As an initiate he need his brother Aaron to interpret to the Jews in Exodus. The descriptions in the OT Old Testament relate this translation….Chris


It is really the scope and magnitude of these catastrophic Earth events that confounds the human mind’s capacity to comprehend them.

The landscapes you see on the following links are examples. These are the remains of what happened in past ELEs – Extinction Level Events. The pictures of Monument Valley from Utah to Arizona show a sudden water erosion pattern where what was covered by an ancient sea was suddenly drained leaving only the hardest rock formations standing. In the case of the Grand Canyon a link to Thunderbolts describes what occurs when a cosmic body such as another Planet comes into close enough proximity with Earth or Mars to generate a massive electrical spark (Lightening Bolt) due to the differences in their planetary electrical potentials (charges) – You get the Grand Canyon as if a cosmic cutting torch etched it out, and on Mars the huge Rift Valley…same phenomenon.

Now try to embrace the magnitude and suddenness of the forces involved! Not only is this usually incomprehensible to the Human Mind it is also suppressed by those who know because Mythology and Religion have been long entrenched in place of the actual Science. To admit to the facts of such events challenges the established/conventional status quo to the max!

But all you have to do is look and Scientifically define what you are seeing…..Chris

Monument Valley Utah

Monument Valley Arizona

Cosmic Thunderbolts

Grand Canyon


Earth Rotation Reversals and Global Shift in 2012

This might just be a scientific explanation for the ages old religious mythology of Judgment Day, Heaven and Hell! Our view of the Earth has evolved through scientific observations and analysis culminating into the vast wonder and complexity of a cosmic context. Lets take a very intimate example in this context.

Picture the Earth as formulated by James Lovelock during the 1960s and published in his book the Gaia Hypothesis from the perspective of a standard 15 inch Globe of the Earth and although most such desktop globes are hollow inside I do not want to go there but rather to the core structure and on up to the surface its atmosphere. Some speculation would have it that at the very center of the core is a ball of uranium about 5 miles in diameter (James did not mention that) surrounded by a solid core of ‘mostly iron and some nickel” about 3500 miles in diameter surrounded by and outer core is a liquid complex mostly iron with nickel and some other trace elements extending the inner core diameter to about 6500 miles. Surrounding this is the Mantle which is more solid in its inner parts and molten up to the Crust which is what we live on. In terms of perspective the biosphere extending from the mantle to the Lithosphere with the crust to seas deepest depths to the living atmosphere to the tops of the the highest mountains (about 22 miles thick on an 8000 mile diameter Earth) is represented in scale as being as thick as the layer of ink that describes the Earths topography on the Globe. Thinner than a piece of paper and one can compare it to an eggshell. This biosphere held in place by gravity and chemically moderated (intelligently with a action-reaction time of about 25 years) per the Gaia Hypothesis is like a coating or film in which all life’s dramas exist. It is a photo-active film perhaps not too dissimilar to a living Polaroid canvas.

Hypothetically and periodically the Earth experiences a magnetic pole shift but the real essence of this story is that the Earth can and has reversed its rotation from West to East and East to West and back and forth and when such a reversal happens it takes about 3 days time for it to slow into the turning point and start spinning in the opposite direction. Perhaps you could imagine what it would be like living through such an event. The surface at the stopping point facing the Sun would be boiling hot, the surface on the other side would be utterly frigid. More temperate zones would occur in-between these two extremes. And not only the surface temperature differentials but also the inertia of the Earth’s crust would cause it to slip around jumbling up the status quo – raising land masses out of the sea and sinking others under the sea with the aftermath moving to restore a new status quo. A brief look at the erosion patterns such as can be seen in Arizona and Utah demonstrates the magnitude of such colossal activity.

It appears that we may be in for such an event. The science is there!

Just another “factor” in Convergence 2012 ELE scenarios.

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World Monetary Financial Meltdown!

It needs to be pointed out, I would take Lyndon LaRouche’s commentary on his “Executive Intelligence Review” http://www.larouchepub.com/ website for a case in point, that the “Powers That Be” over this world are not going to do anything to fix the current financial system because they are quite aware that the 2012 clock is ticking and Convergence is imminent. Why fix the system when the whole world is not long for this world? So you can read over EIR for years and years where Lyn takes the most scientific and rational approach to fixing the World Economy (and just why does this approach never go anywhere?) without taking into account the “Convergence” factors which he discounts as being the product of too many LSD Trips or homosexual delusions. The current Monetary System has no intention of being fixed and it will run its course to the last penny before the whole world trips into the 2012 scenario. All of this kind of “fix it” discussion will go absolutely nowhere and it would seem that anyone with some general intelligence would be able to know that. One would have to be wearing psychic blinders not to be able to see the writing on the wall. There is a preponderance of data “out there” that would necessarily need to be taken into any analytical discussion on this subject and many related issues. The EIR demonstrates a myopic state of mind that is obliviously stuck in a “Medieval Times” and “Classical Culture” paradigm. Just who is it that is delusional here? My site presents a whole array of the most obvious “Convergence” and “2012” factors critical to any analysis of current Global issues.

Abiotic Oil?!?

Jeff Rense really wears me out on this perspective. Now I am no molecular chemist but I know the difference between organic and inorganic molecules. The idea that the core of the Earth though some “mysterious” process generates an endless supply of petroleum (crude oil)- Mysterious is the keyword here because anything with such a mysterious source is not scientific especially when it is scientifically known and proven where crude oil comes from at least to those that know. The fact that it is a byproduct geologically explicit biosphereic “Extinction Level Events” (ELEs) Jeff sees it impossible that oil as we know it could have come from dinosaur bones and tree branches etc. without taking into account the biomass continuously accumulated over hundreds of millions of years in primordial seas. In the mid 80’s I recall a description of wood log burning in a fireplace found in Buckminster Fuller’s book “Critical Path” (1982) where he describes the effect of a burning log as “sunlight unwinding from the wood” as I remember and that is to the point on this “Abiotic Oil” issue. Crude Oil is baked in “Mother Nature’s Kitchen” and is a totally organic recipe. In some of the primordial extinction level events up to 90% of life on Earth was extinguished. As a result of the geologically recorded series of these ELE events our world today contains less than 1% of all the species that have lived here from those times. What happened to all that biomass? Oil happened silly! Duh…. Corn/Peanut/Olive/Sesame/Soy/etc etc and Animal Fats (oil) as well as oil produced from algae and plankton /Fish /Wales etc. organically being farmed for oil today did not come from some mysterious process generating it in the Earth’s core. It is initially a biological product of the process of photosynthesis (just as the word says) and when we burn oil we are witnessing the “sunlight unwinding” from it… just as Bucky observed! Oil is more akin to Jelly Fish than molten iron and magma (never saw crude oil flowing out of a volcano!). ELEs and Catastrophic Geological contortions buried all that putrefying biomass and under such tremendous pressures and hundreds of millions of years it “cracked” (was chemically altered)….just as we must un-crack it today to get petroleum products.

Television and Mass Hypnosis

I have not watched TV since the late 1960’s, I did not go to a University, and for many years have not listened to the Radio (NPR etc) or read newspapers and magazines. I am not a sports “fan” although I might enjoy doing them. All my information is selective and it comes from books and the web. I like movies at my discretion. So the point is this: do I really know the people around me who have been subjected to these mass hypnotic devices for all the years I have lived since the 1960’s? We are talking about social programming here on a massive scale and even though we might speak the same language well I have observed that we have no idea what the other person is understanding. The bulk of the public is in a Trance State induced by the orchestrator’s and manipulators of these devices. I recall a book that I read many years ago entitled “The Hidden Persuaders” by Vance Packard 1957 and recently republished in 2007. Check it out on Amazon Books if you like. It gives one a background in motivational (depth) psychology. That “science” has come a long way in authoritarian forms of propaganda, advertising, marketing and sales techniques that have all but reduced the general population to commercial zombies. Problem is unless you realize you have been utterly “brainwashed” and “hypnotized” you will never consider yourself to be entranced. Coming into a self realization about this would requires an almost complete seclusion from this New World Order and attentive meditation and yoga techniques applied conscientiously would eventually bring you out of it. But one has to go there first! Many activities involved in these remedial actions are now commercialized and nothing but “guided meditations” and related “suggestive” exercises. If it is guided in anyway it is hypnotic and so one would need to know the “Real McCoy” from the “Trance State” offerings. Be alert to the fact the the fundamentals of language and communication work at a hypnotic level because they are all “programs” of one form or another induced into the mind. Action – Reaction is the sequence. A word is fundamentally a hypnotic substitute for the thing that it defines. It would be ok if those educated in a language understood how it really works to the degree that they could use language without being entranced by it. Proper meditation – and there is no better “proper” form of it than Vipassana (see Amazon again for a book titled “The Art of Living” by William Hart (1987)) – can be practiced to bring one out of this entranced state and I will have to tell you it works beyond belief! And to be sure it was the very heart of the Buddha’s teachings. This was meditation 101! and good place to start on the road to genuine spiritual freedom.

The Yellowstone Caldera

This is the largest subterranean Super-Volcano on Earth. One could compare it the Indonesian Super-Volcano that today forms Lake Toba and whose eruption approximately 75,000 years ago precipitating the last Ice Age and reducing the Homo Sapiens population on Earth to about 10-15,000 people. There is no doubt that Yellowstone is going to blow and soon. The land fill forming the caldera is rising in a matter of inches per month and one could compare it to a squiggling champagne cork about to blow from its bottle. When Yellowstone blows it will be an Extinction Level Event (ELE) of magnitude obliterating the entire North-West United States and burying the entire South-West United States in 15 feet of ash. It is not a matter of “if” but “when” and this prospect is only one significant factor in the 2012 scenario perhaps one that would eclipse or even be eclipsed by other ELE events. I have provided a link on the “Reference Link” page of My Site giving access to information about this Volcano. All I can say is be informed and be prepared! This Super-Volcanic Eruption will generate an atmospheric shroud that then ushers in the next Ice Age!

About 2012 Convergence

This is just a basic blog site intended to share information as the viewer might seem fit. It supports freedom of information and expression and does not contain any obscene material or pose any form of a security threat. Simply view only at the reader's discretion. .... Chris
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