Life on other Planets


Life on other Planets

Reading over Kevin Smith’s eBook ” Venus: Watch the Other Hand ” gives me pause to consider exotic life forms existing on other planets. But long before that I observed from the ancient history of Homo Sapiens on Earth that genetic engineering was a very fine art to ET’s that colonized here hundreds of thousands if not millions of years ago (MYA). Some years ago I had a consideration that a “Rent-A-Body” business would be prospect here on Earth because in order to live here and experience life on this planet would require a specific body type. And so it has proven to be a very ancient business! A genetic contract with at least 12 ET races interested in residing here for whatever their reasons. Life on other planets with environments peculiar to them would require a different body type. And so it seems to be. But a life experience on planet Earth is a very precious and exotic thing indeed! In an infinite universe there would be an infinite number of very rare, precious and exotic planets like Earth as well as an infinite number of other less rare, precious and exotic planets like Earth. None-the-less it should be appreciated as a rare, precious and exotic place to live in all of the infinite universe (or universes)! We as Homo Sapiens are privileged to have a life experience here and should not take our circumstances for granted. Everything that you have heard is true at some level of knowledge and understanding. It was pointed out to me that one of the most psychotropic “drugs” in the universe is oxygen. And that it is such a hypnotic gas that it causes one to forget past lives and circumstances although their imprint adds to our current life circumstances to create the person that we believe we are today. With this in mind we might understand MAYA as the “Lord of Illusion” and that what we are experiencing as life on Earth is just one complex hallucination. Or multi dimensional hologram indexed by DNA. Something to consider when we would take our life too seriously……Chris

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