Perspective of Evil


Perspective of Evil : A consummate Reality
The entire human population and growth is a central issue to “The Masters” who have been placed in charge of it. Consider all the wars that we so abhor … when in fact at least 80% of the world’s population is expected to be annihilated in the coming Cataclysmic period. In this perspective you can do whatever you want at this level. I mean where is the Law that says People can procreate endlessly without taking any responsibility for what they are creating? In this sense Karma definitely applies. It is a philosophical paradox to be sure! If it is known by the “Powers that Be” that this upcoming cataclysmic period is a fact – then why not carry out all these seeming “crimes against humanity” with impunity? What the hell any way! If nature is going to ultimately finish the job then it is only a matter of Public Relations and a number of high-placed organizations all vying for their positions in the World to Come. And what if you as a member of the Human Race become apprised of this situation? What do you think? What will you do? In response to it. What advice do you have to share? Really… I am just asking.

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