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One person commented that the “AMEROS” was nothing but a “Myth”! How about some background on this subject to dispel this kind of “disinformation”? Lots of gobbledygook and confusion in these explanations but here is a little history and fact. I was briefed in the mid 1970’s that a new currency was about to be put into effect being the new Redback to replace the Greenback with a moratorium and deadline for exchanging the old currency for the new after-which the Greenback would be worthless paper. As it turned out new technology precluded this initiative with plastic/mag strip credit cards and the advent of the PC. But the problem that was to be solved still remained. Within these times the US covertly started a “Currency War” (and we just might recall who made up that administration!) where the operation was to generate billions of counterfeit rubles in order to bring down the Russian economy. A BOA (Bank of America) Trust fund of about 70 billion US “Tax Payer” dollars was set up to subsidize this operation. BOA still to this day holds title to those funds and will not pay them back to the US Treasury… in fact the Trustee of this fund after approaching Congress to recall these funds was incarcerated to shut him up by the BOA “Powers that Be”. There was a backlash in which several hundred billion counterfeit US dollars were flooded into the Global markets not to mention the Derivative markets of late initiated by various parties including North Korea as well as Russia. Now with the “Cold War” ended this problem still remains. The fact of the matter is the US Dollar is “cooked” and something is going to replace it inevitably and imminently. You could call it the “AMEROs” because this is a project in play but you could just as well call it anything you want! It is startling that Ben would make a statement that this new (not so new) AMEROs is currently being negotiated amongst the World Superpowers and that there are plans to put it into effect within the coming weeks. Now that is a very bold statement that won’t take long to verify! We shall see….. Chris


Organizations Critical to Community and Personal Survival Probabilities

It appears that current events and the prospect of the 2012 scenarios is being generally treated as a form of “entertainment” but where reality strikes one’s survival probability depends on one’s associations with established and well prepared organizations. There is a critical component here that should be generally understood. Those organizations that are well informed, well equipped, and well prepared will provide the best security for oneself and one’s loved ones when the Catastrophic “Shit hits the Fan” post 2012 (see my Convergence blogs). Any random and loose ends in the civilian population will either become victims or end up in any of a multitude of FEMA concentration camps that have been in process for decades in anticipation of the upcoming events. The most prepared organizations are Military and Para-military with contingency plans and logistics well in place to deal with whatever. Followed by Civil Authorities that are well organized to deal with crisis situations. And an array of Church Groups (such as the Salvation Army etc) that have infrastructures well in place. There are other civilian groups forming to establish survival communities and these can be found on the Internet. Apart from a small minority of Frontiersman and Wilderness types as well as indigenous societies the rest of us have some real decisions to make or we will end up going down just like the Titanic. As I stated in a previous blog there are many relatively New Organizations vying for a place in the World to Come and they have been in preparation for decades. Being a spectator and treating all of this activity as entertainment is not going to cut it when the Real McCoy strikes. I would recommend getting connected up with whatever organization resonates with your personal view of life because you are going to need an association with it in the not to distant future!

About 2012 Convergence

This is just a basic blog site intended to share information as the viewer might seem fit. It supports freedom of information and expression and does not contain any obscene material or pose any form of a security threat. Simply view only at the reader's discretion. .... Chris
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