World History X

By Brent Pearson 2009 Excerpts (see page bar for more detail)

This is a conversation with my father, Christopher Pearson, an ex Scientologist and an ex naval *USN petty officer in Vietnam. He is a man who spent the better part of his Life searching for answers *as to the Creation and meaning of Life on Earth after a UFO experience when he was a teenager in Rochester, *NY 1965. He experimented with many drugs and many religions and came into contact with material that explains our existence, the role of the Human Race, where it came from and where it’s going. I was born a Scientologist and have only recently expressed my doubts about it to a few people. In this conversation we expose religion’s many forms. We discuss the Devil and his Illusion. In this conversation we discuss the Essence of Hypnotism.

What about Exoconsciousness?

This means that our, the way our sense of Reality encompasses the fact that we are not alone as one Race amongst many different intelligent Races most more advanced then we are and before that has been totally denied. Once you incorporate that the Human Race is coming of age in the Milky Way so to speak in many different ways throughout the galaxy and this sector the Consciousness factor has to evolve. We are taking these things under consideration. In Reality we have to realize the cosmic Reality we are dealing with and however that modifies our sense of Reality, the Truth of it how that will affect us and the decisions we make collectively and politically it radically changes the idea of various oppositions and political groups in the World fighting each other for political reasons because in the bigger picture that is completely insane – that’s just psychotic activity. It doesn’t make any sense to do that. So in the political structure this is what Exopolitics is about what has to change in order to reflect this higher Reality now. And it has to reflect interaction with the greater community of Beings in the Universe. Now it’s being taken seriously. Russia is taking it seriously France England Brazil Canada Argentina Japan China is taking it seriously India. It’s becoming a very significant issue. I don’t know how that impacts the common person but it is something to know about. I find it fascinating. And that is my Reality I see this. That is my Reality – my expectation of the future. We are experiencing a transcendental process as an entire species or we will die. It’s collective suicide not to change into this higher Reality.

If you stay alive you are going to see this stuff coming up over the horizon more and more. You have to negotiate this stuff on a personal level how does it change your perspective on the things stressing you out, on relationships, on misery, pain and suffering, all fundamentally due to Ignorance. It has a potential of tremendous impact in resolving all these issues Human Beings are suffering from needlessly. Most of the suffering is a disease of the Mind precipitated from the fact that Human Beings are not looking at this bigger picture and this makes them liable to so many misunderstandings, confusions, upsets, and so on that don’t even have to be there. So you are having trouble with your relationships and caught up in arguing about conflicts of interests endlessly and if you were to put this into a bigger perspective all of that would fall by the way side. It just wouldn’t be sensible to persist with that way of Thinking. Still on a personal level what the fuck does it mean? I don’t know. It doesn’t really mean much of anything until the World’s leaders start reflecting this in their activities and *their geopolitical planning and congressional parliamentary debates, until then there is not going to be any productive leadership. It is waiting to happen and it better because that is the way to Truth and advancement. There is no other way and if it doesn’t happen then the Human Race has had it… it will be like the dinosaurs, obsolete. I don’t really care but this is what I think about. This is what I see.

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