The underlying question is “what is money”? Other than an arbitrary for the “Powers that Be” It is an entirely artificially created device as a medium of exchange and it is backed by any number of considerations above and beyond “Gold”. One definition of money is : An idea backed by confidence”. What ever system of exchange is posted in current use is what it is backed up by whoever is enforcing it. All we can observe is that the current system in vogue and in play works as long as it is required to work. It does not have a life of its own. To argue about the merits of this or that or that money is in some way “Divine” or a “Science” vested in the subject of economics is missing the point. The only people who are going to get burned are the ones that have posed the acquisition of money as their prime directive in life. Money could then be compared to the “Ego” as an illusion of reality…. a false God…. The God of Mammon…etc. Security attributed to money is a very tentative thing. And the outcome in our times will be directed by the “Powers that Be” in ways the general public are not privy to know.

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