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I am not an advocate of Ron Paul and have been a-political since Alexander Hamilton was shot dead by Aaron Burr. The topic of my post is NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming and off the cuff I had his post as an example of how this was used in the Obama campaign resulting in the mass inaugural spectacle we witnessed in DC… will clarify my point. We have seen how the “spell” that was cast dissipated over the ensuing months as his popularity fell due to disappointments and disaffection (especially amongst his Hispanic constituency). This trance state does not last long when reality settles in. Ron Paul , Ross Perot, Lyndon LaRouche are distracter candidates used to splinter the votes and garner voter demographic data and statistics. The fact of the political matter is that the United States of America lost its real sovereignty several years after the Declaration of Independence, the Revolutionary War, and the Constitution of an American republic. All of the Americas are owned (claimed)  by the “Blue-bloods” being the European  royal houses (families)  of Britain, Spain, France, and Germany and controlled by Israeli banks predominantly the Bank of England and related Trilateral European banks. (similar to the Roman Empire in this sense).  It was expedient to let the “Americans” run their course settling the frontier and developing their new found resources all the while these principals worked diligently and gradually behind the scenes  to usurp all of their (our)  accomplishments. Any political demonstration is just a ritualistic spectacle as we have witnessed and participation is relative to an illusion of sovereignty where there is in reality no sovereignty in fact. Any and all genuine leadership personalities that promised to change the course of America  have been systematically assassinated and replaced by political puppets…..  now soon to be a geopolitical dictatorship. All the demonstrations and dancing in the streets is not going to make a difference or change the course of this history.

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