Global Warming Agenda


Global Warming Agenda

Global Warming was never intended as a genuine science – it is an agenda. The Geo-politician Al Gore – appointed by Prince Philip as the World’s first “Environmental Czar” – as well as his “handlers” – knows full well it is a political hoax. It is extremely naïve for anyone from the public sector to challenge this schema on the basis of scientific factuality’s without understanding the calculated purposes of this agenda.

From what we now know of an array of suppressed subjects (for example the terrible political agenda after the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy Roman Empire circa 8th century AD) – including the actual facts of Ets and UFOs, Tesla technologies, and the imminent 2012 catastrophic scenarios – it should be understood that “Global Warming” is a cover for all of that suppressed information and a means to consolidate geopolitical power, its authority, and control its mandates over all human affairs. Such practices by Earth’s ruling class elites have been in effect since times immemorial and continue in today’s world and into its projected future.

You have those who know holding all the secrets of statecraft and those who don’t know – being at least the greater majority of the common and “educated” (certified, accredited and credentialed) public – deliberately kept in the dark, misinformed, confused, and programmed with the current lies in vogue concerning factual causalities in a maintained “ignorance of the masses” considered essential for Elitist political power and control over them. The source of elitist powers lies in their self stated control over organized chaos and graduated technical developments suited to their vested interests. Lying and lies are an essential component of their “creative” processes.

So with the “Global Warming” agenda – we don’t have just a wrong or mistaken theory – we have a deliberately concocted hoax with established national and global security, military industrial complexes – and national, state, and local authorities and infrastructures – implementing, enforcing and protecting it on a massive and insurmountable scale; where those who challenge it are a few kept disconnected from each other, conflicted, disorganized, and confused. As a direct challenger to the Globalist, Global 2000, agenda one becomes part of its dialectic schemes and processes – part of its geopolitical “means to an end”- and ultimately its prisoner.

Direct challenges and confrontations only add to its strength and resolve.  Of course – to just ignore it all is not the solution either! We might consider an Extra Terrestrial (or Dimensional) being’s point  of view as an example of how we might approach these issues; and it is certainly beneficial to know the truth – but to be free with this knowledge one must disconnect from the society of lies that have  been deliberately and creatively engrained into the Earth establishment’s status quo. To fight or attempt a revolutionary effort only adds petrol to the flames – with all the firefighters on their side! (see the facts of the 9/11 event for a massive demonstration of how this system works) All you will end up with is “Hellfire” and the fires of hell!

There is another way – another approach – that is as effective as it is mysterious….perhaps even seemingly counter-intuitive but actually intuitive to the max…. and that would be a path to enlightenment – along an ancient tradition – and one that has effectively, selflessly,  and egolessly mitigated those very super-egotistical  “Powers That Be” in their transient control over this world. By this one does not participate in their game but takes another time worn proven route which ultimately resolves these and other worldly issues. The only catch is one must discover this path and realize their own way to enlightenment – for themselves. It is not a process the writer or anyone else can or ever could do for another! (No more than breathe, eat, sleep, or live)

But a major point here is as you come to know what is wrong with the established pictures – the “Matrix” as it is defined today – you will see that attempting to overthrow or even challenge it with the truth does not work; and the more you try to do that the stronger “it” becomes – that is the paradox. “It” (see Stephen King’s novel “IT” for example) has ages old mechanisms in place – with the blood of countless trillions of people (or other beings) and the ruins of countless races, cities and civilizations on its hands – and well prepared to assimilate your “blood” and “ruins” into its foundations as resources. Such is a game you can never win! You will find many examples of this demonstration from past, present, and futuristic organizations where these very same mechanisms are deployed.

My advice is: do not participate – in any way, shape, or form – in that game – either as a proponent or opponent (or spectator)  – but take a “Higher Way” guided by enlightened intuition. “If you seek (it) so shall ye find!” – “The Way of Truth” variously called or named “The Infinite Way”, “The Tao”, “The Dharma” “The Path to Enlightenment” – “The Emancipation of the Soul (or Spirit)” ultimately “Spiritual Freedom”. But it is you who must learn and apply it!

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