HAARP and Earthquakes


Of course I followed all your follow up on the unfolding scene in Japan and there was this awkward spot with Ben about HAARP generating Earthquakes. There seemed to be more sides to this perspective when viewed in a bigger picture of how planetary control disseminates itself by assimilating natural events as mass psychological projections. This was true of Moses and earlier Mystics who were in fact privy to special/secret knowledge especially astrological astronomical cosmological and geological cycles to the degree that they could predict the cycles and events but the play was to control this information and present it in such a way that they had the power to cause these things and that the general population deliberately steeped in superstition would bow to them and do their bidding. This is also true of the powers that be today as they do control this information as they always have – secrets regarding these same events but also very advanced technologies. It is in their interest to have people believe that they have the power to make these things happen at the geopolitical level. They are not the actual cause but use deliberately implanted mysteries and superstitions to keep the general population entranced into believing that they have this power. I think that this is right on point with Ben’s perspective. The great mystique surrounding HAARP and what it does. It is a brainwashing project that uses scaler technologies for a variety of effects including mass psychological hypnotic mental and emotional controls. To this end their power is magnified if people believe that they are actually causing natural events that they very well know the frequency and cycles of. This is a very old trick and the essence of magick! Now further enhanced with “modern science and technologies” the effect is traditionally the same.

Ben should understand this?

Thank you for the uniquely essential work that you are doing!


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