9/11 “We Will Never Forget”


9/11 We Will Never Forget

Never forget What? This is the typical NLP jargon over and over again. Leaves a totally generalized fiction in the mind…. you fill in the blanks. What we want is facts specifics motives. Not blind trance state hypnotic patriotic nonsense….. I’m a Vietnam vet …. and I have spent decades unveiling the facts…. To live responsibly in a Democratic Republic requires each citizen to genuinely and personally know the facts not the propaganda….

I have been collecting public domain data since the 9/11 event from many lay and professional sources including first hand witnesses and participants. Controlled demolition is obvious in the towers and building 7 but one need(s) to consider how the shape charges were installed and how much pre-planning and black ops work and time was needed to prepare for this. Also the aircraft were remote controlled by an AWACS that was observed operating in the area. The elevation of impact is critical in understanding how the AWACS operates and controls their flight path. The planning and preparation for this event was extensive and took considerable time. Entire floors of these buildings are constantly under renovation and refit and this provided the opportunity for black ops crews to go in there and set all of this up under cover. Some food for thought!….

Other “Evil Murderers and Terrorists” still on the loose …. you mean like the Mossad? After all this is their stock and trade and what they do better than anyone else on the planet! Bite my tongue…… did I say that?….

Osama Bin Laden was deceased prior to the 9/11 event. That is why he can never be found. Osama and Georgie Bush were childhood friends as their parents were closely associated. Al-Qaeda was invented by CIA’s Robert Gates as a counter operation to the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan prior to the end of the Cold War. Osama was then a CIA operative and spiritual leader for this group. At the time of 9/11 this group was remnant – down to a few score members and re-tasked to be the fall guys for the official 9/11 story depicting an Islamic villain rather than the real villain of history – being the Mossad – and presenting an apparent justification for the United States to invade and occupy the Middle East – to build up US bases command and control and logistics for an ultimate confrontation on behalf of Israel’s plans for that region. FYI

Perhaps we should never forget the Muslims who have been slaughtered by the millions now and those that were rounded up and sent to the NWO Inquisition camps such as Guantanamo Bay and others around the world (and in the U.S.) …. never forget lest some of us wind up in those camps!

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