Earth Pole Shift, Polar Shift 2012?

Effects Of A Pole Shift, Polar Flip

The effects of the pole shift may have some terrible results in a short period, or perhaps it will be gentle and take a hundred years to take place if it happens in a long period. Since human beings have never been through a pole shift that they know of in recorded history, no one really knows how a pole shift is going to work or what the results will be.

If a pole shift does take place, it is said that the axis and magnetism of Earth will be changed, the poles will flip and reverse so that the south pole will have a positive magnetic charge instead of a negative magnetic charge, and the north pole will have a negative magnetic charge instead of the positive magnetic charge it now has. When this happens, it is believed that the Earth’s rotation will change as well. The Earth’s rotation will completely reverse and will literally spin in the opposite direction. Now no one knows this for sure, but scientists at NASA are presuming the reversal would take place. The science of magnetism depicts that if the poles reverse then Earth’s rotation will also reverse.

The cataclysmic effects would be that the bodies of water would actually move just the way the water in a glass would slosh if the direction the glass is moving is changed. All the people who live in the “slosh zone” would be subject to tsunamis and flooding in 2012 if 2012 is when it happens. This is the scientific premise in the 2012: We Were Warnedmovie and the movie asks “what if the Earth’s spin changed, the poles flip, and the water moves?” Of course this question gives way to another “end of the world” cataclysmic movie, which Hollywood seems to love putting out, and of course the public supports this by buying tickets! It seems that everyone loves a good special effects “end of the world” disaster movie

The other thing that would happen according to scientists is that the Earth would not be stable during such a drastic change in its magnetic field. Tectonic plates would shift and move, earthquakes would happen, volcanic activity would be triggered, and incredible storms with wind and water would happen on the surface of the Earth while the weather patterns readjust. This of course would not support human habitation. If the 2012 polar shift is this drastic, yes, everyone would have serious challenges in surviving it.

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2 Responses to Earth Pole Shift, Polar Shift 2012?

  1. Mel Harding says:

    I believe that if we are capable of vibrational change, all will go well in 2012.

    • Hey Mel,

      Whether it goes well or not is what it means on a subjective/personal level. The events are inevitable but mean different things to different people. Things are already not going well for many as is easily seen from news events posted from around the world yet on the other hand things are going well for others. Seems bad news is good news to news posters we rarely get good news as good news so the media bias goes!

      2012 and beyond will be what it will be just as the past has been what it has been.

      I am excited about it and what it all means.


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