Fearlessness In The 2012 Paradigm Shift

Fearlessness In The 2012 Paradigm Shift

By Christine Breese     Excerpts from the….


What’s The Use Of Trying? Is It All In Vain?

One day, I was feeling rather discouraged about all that I was doing to assist humanity in its awakening. I was wondering if all that I was working toward was in vain. I founded the University of Metaphysical Sciences, Wisdom of the Heart Church, I produced endless amounts of materials, meditations, writings, retreats and classes for assisting people in their spiritual growth. The school and church are assisting thousands upon thousands of people, millions, all over the world with what it is we offer, and we are teaching the future teachers, healers and leaders of the world. I am helping people understand all the 2012 problems, the growth that can happen around that, and what they can actually do to change things for the better concerning the paradigm shift in the future instead of just being frightened and confused. However, what is the point of it all if the paradigm shift doesn’t happen for the betterment of the human species? If all is in vain, then perhaps I should just enjoy my last few years of life and stop working so hard. I had reached a point of exhaustion.

I wondered what the odds are as to whether or not humanity would overcome the challenges it faces. I have always known this was a quiet revolution, one that takes place in the heart, in consciousness, but just how is this going to work on the physical plane? After all, “they” have the bigger guns, the big plans, the big money, the power and all the resources. (Or do they? Could all that be taken from “them” in a moment by the masses?) The masses cannot take their power back by force. Any uprisings will be quelled violently.

So how is this going to work? What difference will it make if we all awaken, only to die or become subject to a hellish reality through either cataclysms or oppression from a ruling class that is heartless. Is there really any use to becoming a fully conscious species if this is what we are headed for? What would happen if we all take the initiative and come together to make our intentions clear as a mass consciousness? What would happen if the mass consciousness shows what it really wants, a peaceful reality and time to have a quality life instead of constant slavery to an economic system that is becoming more and more oppressive with every day that passes.

I asked spirit to show me how this paradigm shift is going to happen, how it is going to look and how it will take place, if it takes place at all. Is humanity just doomed to a dark future and all of this work I am doing, and everyone else who is asserting conscious intention for a beautiful future for all, for nothing? Is it truly possible that humanity can turn this around and experience something beautiful instead? Is a human utopian reality possible through all this, or is it just wishful thinking, a pipe dream? I had reached a point where I needed to know for sure that there was a good reason to keep working as hard as I was to assist humanity in facing these coming challenges. If it wasn’t going to be worth it, then I might as well just take it easy, enjoy my last few years of life on Earth and take a vacation! Pina Coladas in a hammock by the beach sounds like a lot more fun than the heavy duty work I am doing to awaken those who I can help awaken.

I went into meditation, falling deeper and deeper into silence, letting the question become energy. I felt the essence of spirit waiting as my mind fell quieter and quieter. I went into the deep, still space where I receive answers from source, falling into the open space of oneness, eternal self. Once I entered the eternal stillness, I was shown how the paradigm shift will take place.

2012: Only The Beginning, Not The End

I want to start off by saying that nothing discussed in this book is guaranteed to happen. It is somewhat dubious as to whether or not any of these terrible things everyone fears (Earth changes, wars, famines, plagues, lawlessness) will come to pass. No one knows for sure what is going to happen.

I also state right now that I do not lean one way or the other toward what outcome will happen in the future. I know nothing about that conclusively. All I know is that there is a lot of fear in humanity and the fear is growing more intense with every day that passes.

There are both dark forces and light forces in action on the Earth. Entities and energies from each of these dimensions are attempting to influence humans one way or the other, toward a dark future or a bright future, respectively. They have gotten lots of humans on board who serve each side. Which side are you on if you have to choose a particular side of duality to be on? While you are a human, you are immersed in duality and a choice must be made toward love or toward fear, dark or light, evil or good. You can stand in non-duality as the eternal consciousness that you are, but as a human there is a choice to be made. Love or fear, which is it?

The purpose of this book is to look at all the terrifying possibilities in humanity’s future, treat them as if they are fully real, and deal directly with the fear that comes up with that. This is an opportunity for mass enlightenment, no matter what happens on the physical plane. Enlightenment can be reached by anyone who is willing to face their greatest fear, the primal fear of death and annihilation of the human form. Every person will have to face that sooner or later, and now is as good a time to do it as any. Fear of death is at the core of all fears that come up around the possibilities in 2012.

I will also state that I believe 2012 is a distraction, not the actual time when everything climaxes. 2012 is only the beginning of a shift, not the end of it. In fact, we’re in the shift now. You being interested in this is evidence of the shift. A mass consciousness projection on that date will spur things into gear at the energy level and then all kinds of things will unfold on the planet. I can’t say I know if they will be good or bad. What I do know is that there will be a lot of both, an intensification of all energies in human society.

Maybe nothing drastic will happen on the physical level, maybe it will. No one really knows what will happen. All everyone knows is that something big is going to happen within our lifetimes, and possibly very soon. Even people who have never pursued spiritual depths feel something building up at the energy level. It does seem that a large mass event, which will be in humanity’s history books for millennia to come, is unfolding. Maybe it will be a change for the better, maybe it will be a change for the worse. No one knows for sure. It is up to us right now to decide. The future is a moving target.

What everyone does know is that something incredible is coming in the near years to come. Everyone is here for the show. Anyone who is in a human body, or any physical form on the planet, is in a front row seat as a participant in this exciting adventure unfolding in the history of human reality on Earth. You’re one of the stars of the show.

Humanity is doing a nosedive into fear, despair and helplessness. That is important to change. Anytime a mass consciousness goes into that frequency, a terrible manifestation could result for the masses. That is why it is important for the masses to become aware of how the mass consciousness has been manipulated and tricked into creating its own demise.

It is time for humanity as a collective entity to make a conscious choice to no longer be manipulated into creating unsavory realities for itself. Humanity must assert its will for what it really wants, a world of peace, serenity, and expression of self. Humanity must come together in consciousness and create something better than what is planned by the very small minority serving darkness on the Earth at this time. The masses are not truly interested in being part of these plans, and it is time that humanity arises to the task of learning how consciousness works and creating what it really wants.

Let’s set aside the question of whether or not terrible things are going to happen or not. That is not the point of this material. Why am I going to look at and address all these terrifying conspiracies, predictions, and events as if they are truly real and will come to pass? It is because this is the perfect opportunity for enlightenment. Whether these things are true or not, it doesn’t matter. There is nothing that enlightens a person more completely than when he or she faces death and must surrender to its possibility. That is when human consciousness can break open and perceive the larger reality that is going on. Without attachment to the outcome, becoming fully present for the coming shift in human reality while in a fearless and awake state humanity can emerge into grace. It suddenly becomes very clear what is important, what is real, and what is illusion when a person faces mortality and realizes it as the illusion that it is.

This nosedive into fear that humanity is doing around this window of time that December 21, 2012 represents is possibly just the right catalyst for the quantum leap in humanity’s evolution that is much needed right now. It may be the exact ingredient necessary for the awakening of human awareness on a mass level. Without this evolution of consciousness that must happen for humanity at the mass level, sustainability of this reality is not possible.

I am not absolutely convinced all these things are going to happen, but I am also not convinced that they won’t. There are some things that raise suspicions as to the possibilities, but nothing is written in stone. I do know that catastrophic events have happened on the Earth before, which changed the Earth quite drastically, and it is not impossible for those types of things to happen again.

I also know humanity is likely to unfold some unsavory situations during these coming challenges because humanity is a drama queen and does things the hard way. I also know there is much corruption in governments and economic structures, always has been, so there is a true possibility for misdoings there as well.

I also know that anything goes in the uncharted territory that the future is. Like I said, the future is a moving target, changeable, depending on what happens in the now moment. I don’t really expect anything huge to happen on the exact date of December 21, 2012, although the masses will be paying attention to that date, and that is something in and of itself. December 21, 2012 is actually a longitude and latitude in time in which the mass consciousness comes together. Everyone on the planet will be paying attention on that day, hopefully casting their intentions for a beautiful reality in the mass consciousness vote.

I expect December 21, 2012 to be a big Y2K. Then the big surprise will come sometime after that. After all, Jesus said no one “knows the day or the hour of my return.” That means on December 21, 2012 there might not be anything special because if everyone’s expecting a big event on that day, like the return of Christ or something like that, then it would not surprise me if Jesus specifically avoids that day on purpose!

Seriously, I do believe something will happen on December 21, 2012 but it won’t be physically manifested at that moment. It will be much quieter than you think. It will have far reaching effects in human reality, though, and affect a huge change in human reality because of it. Something will shift in the mass consciousness. That alone will be the big turnaround in human reality. It will be the coming together of the masses in a focused way through consciousness. There will not be a single person in the world who won’t be paying attention on December 21, 2012 to the importance of that day and projecting intention of some sort or another. Everyone will come together on that special day to assert what they want in the future.

That will be the deciding factor as to what will unfold thereafter. It may take a while for the manifestation of what humanity wants, and there will be many projections on that day which will send mixed messages, but what happens after that day is how physical reality will sort it out and match what humanity is projecting.

December 21, 2012 is the point in time where the mass consciousness will meet in the noosphere (the collective self) and in some way make its intentions clear as to what it wants to create in the future. It will be important that the mass consciousness be in a fearless state on that day. It is also important in this coming period of challenges, before and after 2012, to remain fearless. It is time for the masses to truly take the power of consciousness into its own hands in order to manifest a beautiful, benevolent future, while at the same time undoing the plans of those who serve dark forces, those who don’t have a beautiful plan for the human race. You have the power to do this.

Because a fearless state is necessary to create a beautiful reality, let’s approach these terrifying possibilities as if they are really going to happen. It is an excellent exercise which will lead many to enlightenment. This helps us directly face the fear that comes up with the idea of possible annihilation, the ending of your life. This is your chance to become a truly awakened and fearless human being, even if this whole thing is a big play in consciousness with no physical reality manifestations of fear taking place. On the other hand, if these things really do come to pass, then you will be prepared in your consciousness for that unfoldment if it does truly manifest.

Either way, this is an opportunity for the awakening of the masses in a way that has never been available before on Earth. It all comes down to you as an individual and what you choose to do with the information you have learned. There is the high possibility of a wild ride for the masses. It might even result in annihilation. It could also result in triumph and a whole new reality for humanity. How you approach and face the coming challenges is what counts. A mass consciousness can only change if the individuals within that collective self change. You are one of the individuals within the mass consciousness, and whatever you experience, feel and think contributes to the mass consciousness and its creations.

You could think of humanity on a whole as if it were a body. The individuals that make up the mass consciousness of humanity, the body, are the billions of cells in this body. You are one of these cells. If the whole body is to be affected toward change for the better, then multitudes of cells within the body must work together to make that a reality. If the urge toward a positive pole future is strong enough in a lot of the cells, it will happen.

Every being who has ever been involved in the Earth reality is here now. Souls incarnate, and are still incarnating, wherever possible on the planet. Everyone wants to be present on Earth for this mass event. That is why the Earth is so highly populated at this time. A quantum leap is about to take place in the human project and everyone wants to be here for the experience. Everyone wants to partake of this opportunity. Indeed, it is a unique opportunity to be involved in such an event. It is indeed an unusual event in the universe when an entire planet teeming with life-forms and species faces these particular challenges. These are interesting times we live in, no question about that.

There are no real answers to any of the questions people are asking, and humans will be put through a most intense experience over the coming years. The biggest challenge will be to live free of fear even though everything around you supports fear. It is possible through all of this, though, to live a fearless life.

Change for the better can be done only in a fearless state. Let us face fear fully once and for all, the deepest fear possible. Only then can we affect reality from a state of fearless-ness. Fear is a product of consciousness, not a real thing, and we can deal with it as the product of consciousness that it is. We can transform it into something else that is far more powerful than you can imagine. Consciousness is your secret weapon for change. Learn how to use it wisely. Here’s how.

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All proceeds from this book are used to translate this material into other languages for free distribution in other countries.

©2010 Christine Breese

ISBN # 0-9657511-2-0

Starlight Press, P.O. Box 4505, Arcata, CA 95518

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