Revelation 6:12-17 and 2012

Dear Kendra,

That is great. I have continued reading Christine’s 2012 material so amazingly comprehensive in details and summaries what intelligence she has!

Catastrophic events have occurred many times on Earth (and elsewhere on other worlds) certainly with witnesses who survived to describe their experiences. For example:


Revelation 6:12-17 – Then I watched while he (the Lamb) broke the sixth seal. There was a tremendous earthquake, the sun turned dark like coarse black cloth, and the full moon was red as blood. The stars of the sky fell upon the earth, just as a fig-tree sheds unripe figs when shaken in a gale. The sky vanished as though it were a scroll being rolled up, and every mountain and island was jolted out of its place. Then the kings of the earth, and the great men, the captains, the wealthy, the powerful, and every man, whether slave or free, hid themselves in caves and among mountain rocks. They called out to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us from the face of him who sits on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb! For the great day of his wrath has come, and who is able to stand against it?”

One can just imagine what it would be like to experience a Pole/Rotation Shift first hand but I am sure that such a description would apply!

And there are other witnesses perhaps from Extra Terrestrial Extra Dimensional with Spiritually objective vantage points who would testify, record, and eventually forewarn of not only cyclic cosmic (astrological) events but from specifically incidentally circumstantial events that would impact Earth and many other worlds as a natural course of action in this universe. Astronomers record these in ever increasing numbers as their views of our universe expand with ever more technically advanced observational instruments.

It has been advanced that even Moses and the Exodus involved a Catastrophic Volcanic Eruption in the area of Mt. Sinai which decimated Egypt at that time. The Biblical – well Old Testament description of this is quite clear to that effect. We can relate to that scientifically today. And Moses was a scientist, very educated, and privy to high level information as an initiate of the Egyptian Mystery Schools and an accomplished magi and astrologist with foreknowledge of this imminent Biblical event. The people he led out of Egypt were uneducated slaves with perhaps the intellectual level of a 5 year old and as such it was expedient for Moses to have his brother Aaron interpret these events and what was happening to them in language that they could understand in their understandably superstitious states of mind.

We have overwhelming evidence, strewn all about the landscape and geologic strata of Earth  – so utterly axiomatic and clear to anyone with a modicum of intelligence, of the aftermath of Catastrophic Events which were incomprehensibly sudden and of such magnitudes as to toss seas to engulf entire continental plains, raise land masses, and spew mountains around like shattered glass, to drain suddenly entire regions as we can see in Monument Valley, blaze cosmic lightening bolts that would cut through vast elevations like an electric arc cutting torch – such as exemplified by the Grand Canyon, Volcanic eruptions that precipitated ice ages such as that of Mt/Lake Toba which ushered in the last Ice Age and reduced the Earths Human population to a scarce 15,000 survivors worldwide and from which our current (recorded) history has evolved over all of this archeological rubble and fallout. Asteroid impacts such as the one that is recorded as the KT boundary that brought about the extinction of the Dinosaurs within a year of its impact event. And throughout all of these events and periods there have been witnesses, survivors, testimonies recorded in what are considered myths and later as sacred scriptures. Such experience is written into our very genes! To be perceptive of all of this is like running a cosmic video recording back – from which all this evidence replays in awesome detail right before one’s “eyes”. It is all right there if one has the level of confront to apprehend it.

Leaves me speechless at some point why this material is still a matter of “speculation” and various “beliefs” and “unknowns” when it is such an obvious matter of fact! And we as an “evolving” race must negotiate these facts as well as the Truth of our being,environment, and worldly existence if we are ever to evolve into anything more viable and intelligent.

I appreciate Christine’s work, what little of it I have covered in the past few days, as a new acquaintance. My only consideration is that she implies that we don’t really know and that can only be a subjective reality because we most certainly can really know and this knowledge must be taken into consideration for any solution to our “predicament”  that is being advanced spiritually or otherwise.

She has written quite a lot and I am still plowing through it because it is a tremendous piece of work. She most certainly has a talent for handling a vast amount of data and integrating it into a coherently bigger picture.

I wish I had that talent!

Yours Truly,


On 3/28/2011 9:44 AM, UMS Staff wrote:

Hello Christopher,

We are pleased you found the information useful, and Christine always allows anyone to use excerpts from the 2012 material she has written. Thank you also for the info about the 3 days of the stopping of rotation while the Earth gets going in the other direction again, that is truly important and we should include it in the info!


Kendra, UMS Advisor

Hope to see you at the Plug Into Your Power teleseminar.

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