God Godself Ego Self and Atheists

Subject: God Godself Ego Self Atheists (see addendum)

The fact of God is axiomatic simply because we obviously exist in the world and universe. Denial of God is only a problem of semantics – of a denial or disagreement with definitions of God. In essence God is infinite and has no definition(s) but is the ineffable creative source of all finite things. Without God we would not… yea… could not exist. It is really as simple as that. God is that which makes our existence possible by any other definition. Perhaps a concept too simple for people with complicated brains to grasp!

So we must define our terms in order to satisfy this semantic paradox.

God (is) infinite intelligence omnipresence omniscience omnipotence all creative life love perception consciousness ability capacity talent and the truth of that which allows all things to be.

For example:

Whenever a human baby is conceived within the pre-existing matrix of life and biological genetic processes; and a child is born – there will be a new person with unique characteristics and personality due to the circumstances of (their) birth and the ongoing environmental programming (education –indoctrination – tradition) from “within” and “without” the society in which that child (individual) develops and matures. From one person to a potential of many billions of persons we have this phenomena of Human Being.

The “Self” consciousness is analogous to a “reflection” in the mirror of circumstantial, environmental, and indoctrinated being which formulates itself in the mind into and as what is known as the “Ego” which is fundamentally an illusion generated in the mind of “oneself” distinct from other “self(s)”. It exists in the realm of Maya (illusion) or as an effect that considers “itself” to be the primary cause.

The “Godself” is the unique connection (the “over-soul”) that each person has in relation to (with) God as the absolute source of all life, existence, and creative potentials. The Godself is a distinct manifestation of God – in a unique dispensation and relationship of God to each person as contrasted with the ego as a “construct” – a “reflection” upon a mirror of one’s life and as sensory feedback as in “through the looking glass” which is the world of a person’s circumstantial experience in that world and how a person “sees” “themselves” as an effect.

The ego misappropriates God – as the absolute source – and considers itself with an illusory sense of self to be the cause when in fact it (self) is nothing more than a reflection of being, an “effect”, “construct” or “complex” generated in the mind.

As Freud represented it – it is indeed a psychological phenomenon. The effect includes “free will” and the composite consequences of all experiences and decisions from the least to the greatest significance resulting in myriad conditions of being and states of mind as well as fertile ground for treatments by psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, therapists, priests and rabbis.

An Atheist really is just a person who disagrees, and rightfully so, with some idiosyncratic theological doctrine or religious dogma which in fact has nothing genuinely to do with the nature of God. It is just a contradiction of terms that an Atheist would obsessively feel compelled to point out. In this case the word god should be replaced with a fantasy, a mythological and supernatural creature of which there are endless variations on a theme.

For what it might be worth!



Language, Logos, and the Occult

Science is pretty much a case in point of “can’t see the forest for the trees” in that the most obvious axiomatic truths are conveniently  overlooked and perhaps deliberately ignored.

Take the subject of language itself as an example. What is language and how did it originate and how does it work as a critical function of the human mind and intellect?

An evolutionary explanation won’t suffice in answering these questions. It is well known today that our current language(s) are merely fragments of a much earlier ancient mother language significantly more advanced and comprehensive than our current versions and with prehistoric roots. Perhaps as old as the genetic code itself!

Language operates in a hypnotic medium at the level of a trance state of mind as a means of interacting with and making sense out the mesmeric world of illusion in which and of which we interact and communicate. Not in anyway dissimilar to a computer program and its software programs and basic machine language and hardware structures.

A matrix to be sure and one intelligently,scientifically, and technologically advanced beyond the limits of human imagination. From these language dynamics come myriad manifestations of civilizations and the artificial world in which we live past present and future.

This is axiomatic. Straight up – face value – in your face – hardcore scientific fact. So why is it overlooked and deliberately ignored by those who profess to be experts on the subject of language and science and by the established authorities that educate our generations into understanding reality as we know it “to be?”

Think about it!


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