The Obama Nation

The Obama Nation

In reference to Richard Hoagland’s Cryptology of Obama’s speech regarding his position as Commander and Chief of current NWO military actions upon Libya I commented the following:

You (Richard) are the master at this type of cryptology! Secret Society Code Words cleverly spicing public relations rhetoric is business as usual for these gangsters. The hidden echelon of planning for such geopolitical events translated for public consumption in some fictional caricature of  situations in the world as massive cover stories (lies) presented to the general population by Mainstream Media Incorporated intentionally designed to keep the general public and its representatives in government complacent in their self-delusional realities all the while the hidden agenda plays out. I Look forward to your interpretation as I don’t even listen to this guy -because he just bugs me with every breath of utterance. But we must understand that he is just the “PR man of the hour” the “Main Man” the “Talking Head” with his speeches being covertly crafted and scripted for him by the “team behind the scenes” so tasked by his handlers with their NWO hidden agenda.

NOW = New World Order.


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