University of Metaphysical Sciences

University of Metaphysical Sciences

Dear Teresa,

Christine is very wise!

I will model her perspective and Socratic Method as the best way to allow others to come to their own realizations and senses without overwhelming them with the facts or turning them off by being out reality.

Makes the best sense!

Thank You Again.

It is very rare that someone like yourself responds in this way.

You are providing the Service To Others by doing this.

I commend you!


Hello Christopher,

Thank you for the kind words about Christine’s writing, I will pass that on to her. She agrees with you that there is a lot of scientific evidence of this being simply another cyclic event in the normal processes of Earth’s geology. However, Christine also has to say this in order to appeal to a wider audience who might be more doubtful than yourself. She is reaching all kinds of people with this material, including beginners who are just beginning to check into this, and they are doubtful, but if she says that they will remain open to the rest of the material in the book. She tries to stay neutral in order to reach more people, and she doesn’t want to turn people off by stating that this is the way it’s going to be and no other. She let’s people make their own choices about those sorts of things.

Thank you so much for pointing all that out though, it is interesting to see how much evidence there is in the world about how this has happened before, many times.


Teresa Johanson

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