You Have A Choice

You Have A Choice

Every human has a choice to allow himself or herself to be influenced by darkness or light. Many have chosen to be influenced by darkness, the negative pole aspect of experience, and many have chosen to be influenced by light, the positive pole aspect of experience. If you are interested in this particular kind of book, or are focused on spirituality, then you are awakening to the spiritual push and pull energies that are in effect in this human evolution event. Your heart is leaning toward the lighter version of human experience.

Humanity as a whole is deciding on which path to follow. It has to make a conscious choice en masse as to how it wants to proceed. Basically, what is happening is a mass consciousness vote for one future or the other. That does not mean it has to be a 51% to 49% vote. It doesn’t work that way. Some people’s consciousness is more powerful than others. A person who knows how to use their consciousness effectively with an open heart can outweigh other parts of the mass consciousness who are not purposely affecting the physical reality machinery through conscious intention. It doesn’t matter whether someone is a beginner or not. What matters is the intensity with which he or she can intend something.

That is precisely the reason those who are serving the darkness within themselves have gotten into positions of power over others. They have purposely developed their abilities in the manifestation process, their powers of intention, and some even use magic. The intensity with which they project their consciousness into physical reality outweighs that of an ordinary person who isn’t really paying attention or doesn’t know he or she can use consciousness in specific ways.

This is how 1% of the population can overpower the rest of the individuals within that consciousness. They have an advantage over you not because they have been practicing these powers of the mind for a long time, but because they can do so with great intensity. These people have focused on their plans and ritualized their intentions for centuries, learning how to use their consciousness to manifest what they want. It is a family affair, it seems, and part of their training. These particular bloodlines consider themselves a special class, with special privileges.

Humanity’s consciousness has literally been hijacked through emotions, mental influences and physical survival in order to create and manifest a particular reality. Those who serve dark forces know how consciousness works, have been using it, learning about it, and practicing it for a long time.

Compared to them you are a beginner in the education on how to use your consciousness, even if you have been working on that ability in yourself for a whole lifetime now. Metaphysical and spiritual concepts have been hidden from the masses, utilized by those in power and kept secret. Spiritual powers of various sorts have been practiced by a certain class for a long time.

The understanding of cause and effect is well known to these practitioners and they know mass consciousness is the cause for the effect that today’s reality is. If it were possible to harness the mass consciousness of an entire species, a group of people could very well place themselves as the benefactors of a whole different kind of reality. If the mass consciousness could be coerced into creating a reality that those behind the scenes are encouraging through media, religion and economy, then a ruling class would indeed be in a position of power over the mass consciousness.

By keeping humanity from experiencing true fulfillment, freedom, or contentedness, it causes humanity to create a negative pole reality. If humanity was happy, peaceful, and at ease, this would be a far different reality that the mass consciousness would create than the reality it now projects. Very specific techniques are being utilized to cause humanity to create a reality that only 1% of the population wants. It has been an ambitious project by some sneaky rulers!

Your consciousness has been used for someone else’s purposes, and it is time now for you to rearrange that situation. If small group of people can influence such deep energies within humans to the point that it causes humanity to go in a specific direction, creating something else instead of what the species would create if left alone, these people would have a power that no one should have over another’s being, let alone an entire species.

The masses are now being faced with the consequences of having allowed such a thing to happen. As each individual awakens to these manipulations, it becomes possible to stop these manipulations and a change of direction can happen. The society we have known for so long is going to change in a very big way, one way or another, cataclysms or no cataclysms, because this reality as we know it is not sustainable, especially if the population were to grow any larger than it already is.

Pay Attention!

Most importantly, pay attention! You could miss a lot of important opportunities, options, and information if you stay on autopilot. Live in an awake, alert state. Spirit is always bringing you what you need, the right people for you to connect with, and the opportunities that are just right for you, everything. Make sure that you never stop being receptive to what is being given to you. …..

Fearlessness in the 2012 Paradigm Shift ©2010 Christine Breese

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