On Telepathy ETs Aliens and Humans

On Telepathy ETs Aliens and Humans

Editors Note: I have not watched TV or participated in Main Stream Media since 1968. Although I am aware of media productions over this time period they can not be construed to form the basis of my real or imagined reality in present time. What I relay to you here is purely a subjective experience of real and witnessed events in my life. These should not be confused with popular media productions like the Xfiles or whatever despite their similarities. Media productions make it even more difficult to explain and gain credibility for real life experiences. What you see is what you get!

When I attempt to tell others, especially family and friends, about what I am doing by talking and writing about such things it is usually criticized for being negative and for wasting my time and life when there are more enjoyable and lighthearted things to do. But it seems to me that most everyone I know is bogged down in myriad problems and disappointments and failures with their relationships, selves, activities and achievements.

I have always been curious about everything imaginable but my first “ET” experience in 1965, I was 14 years old going on 15, really made an emphatic impression on me. My assumption that it involved “ET” involves the nature of this event and the facts surrounding it. First of all it was a very large circular flying object with lights blinking in a perfect pattern around its circumference soundlessly suspended several hundred feet in the air above a construction site located on top of the highest hill in Monroe County Upstate New York. Secondly there was a very intense feeling of presence as aware of me as I was aware of it along with an intense emotional response of what I can only describe as immediate recognition followed by a two way exchange with cause and effect directly related to my being there.

I walked away from that event absolutely ecstatic with the realization that things were not as I was taught they were and that I needed to find out just what was really going on. And I have pursued that to the best of my ability ever since. This blog site is an attempt to summarize or represent the most significant aspects of my findings and realizations so that others might better understand and benefit from them.

This 1965 event was followed by another similar event years later in 1991 along the Interstate running through Mountain Home Idaho. It was just as impressive but less content “rich” more amusing actually “playful” in its emotional tone also direct two way cause and effect and a sense of “like I see you seeing me seeing you seeing me” translating into an acknowledgement, I suppose, to this whole experience from first to last. It had mostly circumstantial significance. These two events are retained without a doubt as the most vivid and detailed memories I have in this life!

To illustrate what this particular kind of telepathic communication is like I will take an example from my experience while serving in the United States Navy from 1969-1973. Naval Air actually – did a stint at the Naval Airfield at Rota Spain and a tour on an Aircraft Carrier off of Vietnam.

At the Rota Naval Base there was a COMSTA (Communications Station) a complex communications facility with surface array antennas underneath which was an underground Communications Station that went down many levels. At that time one of the most advanced ways to communicate and distribute data securely was a system that encrypted and then compressed radio messages into a static millisecond burst which on conventional radio receivers would (if even detected) look only like background static or noise from cosmic rays. A compatible receiver wherever another COMSTA or SHIP or AIRCRAFT would receive this static millisecond burst and decompress it and decipher it and then expand it to run the communications data in a legible form.

Telepathic communication is non-linear in this way. It is a compressed burst of imagery that translates in to impressions and emotions that must be decoded and defined into language forms by the normal processes of the human mind in order to be understood. The communication is so content “rich” in detail and meaning that it can take one a lifetime to fully understanding it; and that would be after having the contextual understanding necessary to make sense out of it. Attached to this communication are not only the circumstantial factors surrounding the sentient being(s)involved; and the event itself in detail but also an inherent “compulsion” to understand it. Such a telepathic communication as this can send one on a life long journey of discovery and this has certainly been the case with me, subjectively speaking of course!

I am a simple guy and this is a personal experience. It happened. There were witnesses. Yet no one accepts the fact that it is real when I try to tell them about it! When confronted with this kind of response one gets very compulsive/obsessive in seeking ways of communicating it to others so that they really do understand that it really is real and it really is significant and really something very important to know about. Really really really!

I have tried and tried to get others, especially family and friends, to acknowledge the factual reality of this. Usually I just end up getting criticized and brushed off and told that I am delusional or preaching or that I should put my attention on other more realistic and positive things. I can’t do that! It is too late for that! There is no way to put this Jinni back in the Bottle! Once you come to know about this there is no way to not know about it unless of course you just lose your mind and/or die.

And I cannot for the life of me understand why others would not find this experience and information extremely interesting and beneficial to know something about. If it is true why do they have such a problem with that? Is it me, my credibility or social posture?

I am not going to engage in this no win situation any longer. There is no point in trying to convince others who have no intention of being convinced.

The solution is to just put it out there on a Blog site or Bulletin board so that those persons who are interested, if and when they stumble upon it, and who might consider it beneficial – can access it.

And that is what my blog Word Press 2012 Convergence is all about.

If you do not know about this stuff you do not have a clue what is going on in your world! That is for sure!

Such a paradox!


About 2012 Convergence

This is just a basic blog site intended to share information as the viewer might seem fit. It supports freedom of information and expression and does not contain any obscene material or pose any form of a security threat. Simply view only at the reader's discretion. .... Chris
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