Severe Reality Adjustment

Severe Reality Adjustment SRA

(a “borrowed” term that “fits the bill”)

What we know today. It is not a matter of mystical or mythical prophecies that our planet, solar system, and galaxy interact in cycles with clockwork precision. Some short term some very long term and all terms in-between. Tracking of these cycles and what they portend has been the obsession of many ancient civilizations including the more recent Sumerian/Egyptian and Olmec/Mayan civilizations and is best known in our current society as the science of Astrology as such.

According to modern astronomical science we are moving into two major solar and cosmic events that are directly related to the solar/galactic cycle which is entering what is known as the galactic day and solar cycle 24. There is a point at which major geological and evolutionary events will happen suddenly and catastrophically due to the immense cosmic energy discharges associated with them.

Events of unimaginable and incomprehensible magnitude can, will, and have happened within a matter of ten minutes as it takes something like seven minutes for energy and light effects to travel from our sun to our earth one can appreciate by comparison that it takes approximately ten minutes for a supersonic nuclear armed missile to hit its target. Also we just had a small scale demonstration with the recent earthquake and tsunami event in Japan of what “is expected” on a global basis.

I mean it “is expected” by those that know. The Military Industrial Complex and its Geopolitical Masters and their Elite constituencies know, have known, and have made, are making their plans and preparations for many many years now. It is the general public that is left in the dark – subject to mass confusions, misinformation, disinformation, delusionary mind controlled social sciences and education programs, indoctrinations and manipulations.

My brother and sisters live in the North East (USA) which as recently (geologically speaking) as 15,000 years ago was buried under a sheet of ice one and one half miles thick extending out over the continental shelf 200 miles into the Atlantic; and which formed a gigantic ice dam containing an immense inland freshwater sea which at some point suddenly broke through draining through the St Lawrence Seaway into the Atlantic raising sea levels thirty plus feet and causing catastrophic flooding in regions worldwide. All of these ponderous circumstances were precipitated by an  earlier eruption of The Mt. (now Lake) Toba super volcano in Indonesia estimated to have happend  75,000 years ago.

A very limited number of human witnesses remained (estimated at 10,000 humans world wide with 1000 breeding pairs), but there were survivors and their experience was recorded in myths passed on to their progeny and future generations. And we are here today with the universal clock ticking away the days remaining until the next cycle series of extraordinary events.

As the Human Race we are on the cusp of imminent events in our time. The signs and indicators are overwhelmingly clear that natural and artificial situations have reached a culminating “point of no return” and a time of convergence of all consequential factors. For some confronting this reality causes them to freak-out, others go into denial, while still to others it is a sobering Wake Up Call to come to their senses and cooperatively prepare for the next major evolutionary step.

I have posted here an array of articles that address what I feel are the most significant areas affected and to be expected currently and in the very near future.


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