Genetic Code Scripts for Form Follows Function

Genetic Code Scripts for Form Follows Function


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Creation is obviously an intelligent expression. Empiricist then asks “intelligence from where?” without ever acknowledging the fact that the physical universe is a projection, an effect not dissimilar to holographic dynamics but involving hyper-dimensions that cannot be perceived through the physical senses. The “cause” is invisible and “hidden”. It comes from “within” the creative medium – not “without”. It does not come from the physical universe and is not inherent in it. Looking out there one just observes a paradox.

In metaphysics the idea of “present with” is offered in the sense that the creative presence is “present with” the created physical effect or life-form. This presence is “infinite” and “exterior” to the physical universal effect but is the very essence from which that effect is caused. The intelligence factor here is not a “human” intelligence which is a specific endowment of the “universal” intelligence.

We can see the morpho-genesis manifests from “within” the form whether inorganic or organic and in the case of what we now know of as the Genetic Code one might imagine the Gene to be a transceiver “crystal” the function of which is to manifest a physical effect. This is accomplished through complex arrangements of “chromosomes” (just as the word is defined!) and proximate conditions by which the effect is manifested from a hyper-dimensional potential into a physical (living) tangible effect.

Evolution of form is involved as a hierarchal regeneration as the primary form then induces the next stage of expression in ever increasing complexity until the final or “mature” full form is accomplished. All of this creative energetic activity takes place within the matrix of morphogenetic fields with regenerative functions occurring through “morphic” resonance.

My somewhat awkward take on Rupert Sheldrake’s “New Science of Life” and “DNA” as presented by James D. Watson and Francis Crick.

Human creation (creative process – what is “artificial creation)is an evolving process but not as described by Charles Darwin. It is evolving because each present stage “tunes in” to a collective field that initiates the next step in sync with the principle of “morphic” resonance – in this case the manifesting of a conceptual reality. It all starts with a set of resources that “resonate” in a specific way attracting the “intelligence” inherent in morpho-genetic fields to a specific pattern of thought processing. It is very clearly a programmed function not the anomaly of “random” mutative events and “survival of the fittest.” It is a product of genetic engineering a-priori!

But by whom? Or what?

“Form Follows Function” as a first principle of any scientific postulation where function is best understood as an intelligent purpose for whatever form presents itself for scientific inquiry.

To be sure it is similar to who or what is doing the observing, who or what is studying the object of study.

All of this involving an active “presence” …….

DNA channels “information” in resonant morphogenetic energy fields of infinitely creative potentials. Consciousness is an infinite potential distinctly focused according its forms of expression. It is not a physical property but resonant in a state of perfection in all respects. Perfect intelligence, technology, art, creative capacities, energy, power, knowing, experiencing. Every created form participates through its function and interaction with all other related forms. Native Indigenous peoples could actually communicate with plants and animals and know their functions in the entire ecology of life. ….. Chris.

To be continued……


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