To Be or not To Be

To Be or not To Be

That is the Question!

It is all a matter of definition.

Who Am I?  What Am I?

First Two Crimes: “Being There and Communicating.”

Just like “Ron” to put the most occult principle right out there in plain sight! He even said if you want to hide something put it in plain view where no-one will expect it to be.

In the occult world and in metaphysics it is the Logos that defines the Power and it is within the dynamics of language that it finds it’s instrument of manifestation.

If you want to get rid of your “case” the first rule is: Don’t Be a Scientologist. If you want to be a Scientologist and play that game then by all means – that is your right. I don’t have a problem with that but just know that there is a way out and it does not have to be the way through. My words can save you a whole lot of time, money and grief!

A Scientologist has a “case” by definition. It is similar to if you don’t want to be a patient: Don’t go see a Doctor!

Being a Scientologist means that Ron has defined every little particle of your life and through “Training and Processing” (programming) on all that he has written you are becoming that as you progress on up Ron’s “Grade Chart” on your “Road To Freedom” across “The Bridge” to Ron’s world.

If this is your reality and you agree to do this then you become that definition and manifest it as your life. If along the way you have a problem with that there is Ron’s “Ethics” and “Conditions (of existence)” to steer you back to the “straight and narrow.”

This is how “Occult Powers” “Magick (In Theory and Practice) ” the “Logos” and it’s instrument “Language” works and how our artificial world of illusions is manifested as reality.

First you get caught in the “Spider’s Web” out of ignorance yes but also because of “The Trap” that is “Put There” to catch you. It is a predator’s pan-determined game plan and “they” are the “Elite” that are running the show. they will exploit your ignorance to the max!

I definitely had a “case” while participating in Scientology. I no longer have a “case” because I’m no longer “being there and communicating” or doing that! Believe me the solution to one’s “case” is precisely this “as it is!”

This is a universal principle of which Scientology is a prime case in point. The whole artificial world manifested as we know and experience it is a demonstration of these metaphysical principles. It is possible to “Be in this world but Not of it” found in the Christ teachings.

The inherent paradox or “Catch 22” arises out of ignorance or a preexisting “Trance State” which was laid in in ancient times and maintained in present times by the same occult principals operating in the world today.

One can post a warning and a heads up with the intention of alerting others and by providing a means for which they might untangle themselves from this paradox but in the end each person is unfortunately on their own. To most my explanation would only sound like gibberish and consequently fall on deaf ears. But to a few it will have meaning.

I am doing this in a spirit of goodwill because I have been there and done that over the course of the last 40+ years of my life and desire to make that experience, knowledge and wisdom available to others as is the tradition of all way showers and teachers past present and future.

Is there a crime involved in this? Only to those who operate in secret and have something to hide from the general public in order to protect their basis of power and control.

My best advice……

So Be It!


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