Collateral Good vs Coerced Good

Fair Game policy by L. Ron Hubbard QED 


After successfully baiting OSA’s Special Op Internet team not only was my main home PC hacked with all the obvious symptoms requiring a full restoration and security fix, but the Word Press Main Server was hacked into as well.  Security bulletin was posted on Word Press’s Main Page for the 13th and early morning today. My Blog Site is now experiencing a viewing anomaly which was not there 24 hours ago! From many accounts this is “what they do” and was patently demonstrated yesterday. I am familiar with this phenomenon from previous “run ins” in similar form.

Scientology is emulating all the characteristics of fascist repressive dictatorial regimes for example: the RCC (and its Inquisitions), Mafioso,  Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, Napoleon, and Right Wing Extremist Dictatorships installed in Central and South America by U.S. Foreign Interests.

I have never deliberately, intentionally, or otherwise caused damage or harm to Scientology. But I did bait them experimentally over the past few weeks to have them respond in a way that would reveal their Internet surveillance operation and counter-measures – although I must say this response was more dramatic than I’d expected! A Scientologist would have you believe that you do not know your own thoughts or intentions! Well I know my own thoughts and intentions and the above statement is true despite what a Scientologist would have you believe on my behalf.

There is a premeditated and intrinsic “malice aforethought” indicated in their policies toward anyone critical of Scientology. Their current Public Relations (PR) routine is to declare all criticisms or accusations as utterly lies and false, and to call those persons “terrorists” (how original is that I ask you?!?!) and liars even when the things being criticized and/or accused are clearly evidential and demonstrably true.

The thing that draws one into this is the blatant nature of it. It’s unmistakable when one comes into contact with this information. In a normal, educated, and socially responsible person it simply compels one to say and/or do something about it even if doing so was never their focus or intention before such contact.

It is cautioned not to think Scientology is benign in its programmed responses as it emulates National Security level procedures and intent in similarly dramatic ways. The top guys would kill their critics if they legally could do so, and they have done so in some documented cases despite the law. In their opinion they are above the law. So they are extremely serious and mean serious business!

The seeming good is a proprietary good intended for staff and public resources and efficacious to the implementation, application and programming of the tech and admin goals and purposes. The good into society is expedient to infiltration of institutions, expansion of Scientology’s domain, and for promotional purposes.

The shades of gray as to what is good are blurred but indicate overall that it is not for the good of the individual but rather for the good of the corporation and the chosen elitists controlling this hierarchal creature. What we can imagine is collateral good, or coerced good (as in the case of statistical management and production quotas per ethics conditions formulae), self-service good affected to keep from being penalized for “down-stats”.

Common staff and public consider themselves “doing good” and are not evil people. They are the front group of the organization. It is what lies behind and above them that is evil and there is nothing new about this type of organizational structure as it is common in politics and in all governing bodies around the world today, also in the banking and financial industry etc.

What you find at the top is a pyramid of power and control (same dominant power game as everywhere else on earth!) where you have foundational wealth, special privilege indulgence, and ceremonial extravaganzas. What are the indicators of “good” in these forms? Is it individual or collective good?

“Satan get behind me!” big time!


I think that just about covers my thoughts for today!


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This is just a basic blog site intended to share information as the viewer might seem fit. It supports freedom of information and expression and does not contain any obscene material or pose any form of a security threat. Simply view only at the reader's discretion. .... Chris
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