Evoking Spirits

Apparently the cosmic [agreed upon] rule regarding the presence and influence of spirits or ETs as multi-dimensional entities and beings is that they must be invited [summoned] by a host – the host being human beings as the indigenous intellectual race on planet Earth also qualified by genetic stock indigenous to the planet. This is the [postulated] universal law evolved for all galactic civilizations and their interactions and relationships.
Evoked/invited/summoned through a protocol or ritual – the names for these activities and their discrete applications have been changed but the “game” remains the same. There are traditional protocols established for specific entities in the form of magickal rituals and ceremonies and now in the more modern scientific form of protocols and technologies.
An uninvited “guest” [spirit] is usually suspect of violating this rule except in the case of genuine [objectifiable] emergencies – and such can be known according to the surrounding circumstances and facts [not mysteries or superstitions] of the moment of contact. This is how these eventualities should be evaluated and discriminated.
Throughout time various evocations and protocols have been established between specific hosts and entities with ongoing associations and agreements that have a traditional continuum accorded to these relationships. Realms of the occult, ancient mystery schools, religions and secret societies have ongoing “arrangements” but we are now entering into new territory with modern scientific and more objective approaches to these very ancient traditions.
These evoked or invited entities can be good or bad [evil] with myriad shades of characteristics in-between. They can also be mischievous or playful! They can be perverse, devious and deceptive as well as beneficial, enlightening and constructive. There are many different characteristics of spirits just as there are with human beings and their personalities. Most of these entities are very abstract [alien] and incomprehensible [outside perhaps of theoretical mathematicians] to other species such as our own.
So this is what we are dealing with here as these “mysterious” things become more open to the general public. My criteria would involve what is comprehensible, objective [grounded in my reality], and “feeling” also involving motives and purposes for making contact. These factors should be taken into careful and well-disciplined consideration because spurious contacts can manifest some very unpleasant and undesirable ramifications – such as interpersonal conflicts and world wars which are obviously mass destructive.
It should be researched and understood as a matter of self-discipline and moral, ethical conduct that spiritual or ET entities take on myriad forms including most that are abstract to human anthropocentric realities and understanding. These entities are also present in morphogenetic and psychoactive fields that can be evoked through natural or unnatural processes according to their dispositions. Which means? Well, this means that “elementals” can be evoked and have influence due to personal habits/mannerisms as well – psychological/psychiatric mentalities. They take on myriad forms and varieties according to one’s imagination and thought patterns, as well as physical conditions and activities. In essence these are all “intelligent” wave forms and dynamic patterns with the potentials of mental and physical manifestations of one kind or another.
There is a caution here not to dabble in these forms of bilateral communication with spirits or ETs and extra-dimensional entities. One should be well informed and disciplined in this kind of practice – just as one should be well studied and trained – proficient in any skill or application in life – one should deal with these relationships on a professional level otherwise one’s own security and that of others can be endangered. It should be observed that the apparent conditions in the world that you see around you are a byproduct of these interactions and it does not take a genius to see all the destructive things, more to the point artificial or man-made events and circumstances, which are manifesting in our world today. We have this objective reality right in front of our faces and do not need to look elsewhere “out there” for any “mysterious” proofs of this.
In our world today [consequent of human scientific evolution] the cutting edge of science is leading the way with experimental research and technological developments [as is being established in Quantum Physics] and it is through such disciplines that “contact” with these spiritual entities is being established through scientific protocols. Again – the names for traditional manifestations earlier enumerated as good and bad spirits, jinni and jenies, angels and demons, fairies and goblins, rituals and spells,  good and bad vibrations, religious and occult, and all similar things that we know so well from the old world renditions are now taking on new world scientific terminology, definitions and applications.
What was once considered magick is now just a matter of scientific facts that are being manifested through advanced technologies that most of us take for granted today. Just imagine showing our world of today to people from ages past and one can get the picture of how our modern culture is evolving into these very same manifestations that were traditionally derived from ancient and prehistoric civilizations. It is all a matter of cultural perspective and anthropocentric points of view. We are living in a universe of infinite probabilities and potentialities and this has always been the case whether we are viewing the world from a cave or from a star-ship out in space – we are surrounded by these eternal realities all the while being cloistered [blinkered] in a set of traditional and evolving cultural circumstances.
So I would take a look around you and personally evaluate these things in an evolving new world perspective for a better understanding of what “evoking spirits” means in real and scientific terms. Although we should not forget our old world wisdom apropos to what all these things mean in our evolving new scientific world scenarios. In our time this is where religion and science meet.

Ref: Personal Take

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