ET False Flag Black Ops

Special  Public  Notice

I’m going to spend some time working on the subject of this post but I want to get a summary out there for openers.
The planned World War III scenario includes a fabricated “ET Intervention” in addition to Thermonuclear/Scaler/EMP [NBCSE] and “Asymmetric” style warfare strategies. In this Black Operation an “ET Intervention” fleet complete with genetically engineered “ETs” has been fabricated using advanced propulsion technologies that have been under development in “Above Top Secret” Military Industrial Complex facilities for over 60 years.
The Disclosure Project headed by Dr. Steven Greer has comprehensive data concerning the “who what where and hows” of all of this in specific detail covering these developments over the last century. No small wonder why there is such a black propaganda campaign being orchestrated against his work!
There is another Psy-ops component which involves a New World Religion, [perhaps more than one] but one in particular that is following in the footsteps of the CSETI program and that is designed as a “counter measure” to any sensible public disclosure in much the same venue as Christianity and the Founding of the Roman Catholic Church in the 4th Century AD amidst the “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” [as illuminated by the famous 19th Century English historian Edward Gibbon]. It is very sophisticated public misdirection!
The historical and geopolitical complexity of this scenario requires years of intensive research and study not to be expected of the general public which relies on established authorities to serve the public interest with such critical information – and in this matter the public is not being served by any existing governmental agency beyond being a propaganda organ serving the WW III conspiracy.
There are so many pieces in play making up this puzzle that any public understanding of it will probably be an afterthought in future history books but for the present time what information is available for what is really happening in the world today will need to serve in whatever form it can be realized and comprehended at the public level.
Over the past few years I have been posting bits and pieces of this puzzle as I’ve become aware of the details of the New World Order scenario on my blog and I would point to this information as it relates to the Big Picture here. It all fits together if this final piece of the puzzle is taken into consideration – it all makes sense and points the way to a general briefing for the public.
We are currently in the final stages of an enactment of the massive Black Operation that is staging this – similar in kind to the 9/11 False Flag Operation which precipitated the US and NATO Invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East conflicts now in progress. The overall plan has been many centuries in the making with a very specific trail of information fully documented concerning this.
When I get my head around all of this with clearer details I will post more on the subject – but for now please consider it. It’s not a Science Fiction Movie – it’s REAL! If you take an honest look around you can clearly see this reality.
This is not a matter of personal survival – it is a matter of collective public awareness!
It’s the best I can do to make this information known.
Please spread the word!
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Good holiday cheer!

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