Lindsey Williams Update

Transcribed by Chris Dec 7, 2012

You Tube:  Rense and Lindsey Williams – The Next 4 Years

Jeff Rense Introduction: There are an awful lot of people out there pretending to understand or acting like they can predict and prophesize what is ahead – now that said there are some folks who have had connections and contact with some of the movers and shakers of the highest levels of the international corporatocracy which run most of this planet. Lindsey Williams is one of those folks and Pastor Williams has been a friend of ours and a guest on this program for many years now. He has apparently come across some extraordinary new information that he offered to share with us tonight so I invited him on and then here he is:
Lindsey Williams: Jeff I want to thank you for calling me a friend and I guess we have had the privilege of being on your show quite a few times and I guess we are getting to know each other well enough we can call each other friends. At this time there is really a need for people to have friends.
Jeff Rense: So tell us a little bit more about what is happening here now?
Lindsey Williams: Well after the election I picked up the phone and called my Elite friend, you know who he is, and I asked him a question. I asked him – what can we expect over the next four years? The information that I received in the only way I can describe is the most startling information that any person has heard since the founding of the United States of America.
I did mean it exactly as I said it! When I contacted my Elite friend I said – what’s going to happen in the next four years? The information that I was given – the only way that I know to describe it is – the most startling thing[s] that any person has heard since the founding of the United States of America. You did hear correctly!
I was given 10 agendas that the American People will face over the next 4 years if the people that are the Powers that Be and if they themselves have their way in carrying out. I was startled, I was stunned, I was dumbfounded. And I said I don’t know how to approach this.
I knew that many of the things that were not known and many of them you will not hear over the National Media or in any other news source as you will find out tonight when you hear all of this.
What is going to be faced by the public in the United States of America over the next 4 years is so unusual and so in need of a mindset change on the part of everybody in order to be able to face it until I said OK I’ve got to go a step further [to inform the public] how to survive the next 4 years.
So Jeff it is an honor tonight that you would allow me to be here to attempt, if I can, to give these 10 agendas so people will understand what they’re going to face. It is probably the most startling information that I have ever received! Now some of this is so unusual that it is actually encouraging and so I’ll take them one at a time.
First of all is a prediction based on what my Elite friend has told me and that is that the Elite do not –  I hope that your listening audience is hearing the word not – the Elite do not want a collapse of the monetary system in the near future – that is what the Elite have told me and I think and I didn’t take any sides in this past election campaign but when Ron Paul opted out and said he was not going to run for The House of Representatives  – he said that he thought that we had 3 years. I’m going to go a little bit further – according to what my Elite friends are telling me I think that we’ve got 2-3 years before there is going to be anything significant in the way of a climax as far as the monetary system of the United States of America is concerned. Now that should be very encouraging to the average person because that means that you have time to do something about what you need to do.
Now, there is going to be a time of very severe monetary problems in America. It is inevitable. You cannot continue with this National Debt and the wild spending of Congress that they’re doing and all of this charade, oh my goodness! When they talk about this Fiscal Cliff I just sit back and say Americans I wish to goodness that you hear the truth and could talk to the people I’m taking with.
Now, why they don’t want to bring about this collapse, and I’m going to use a word here that is very forceful – they want to, over the next 4 years, bring about Forced Debt Creation. I hope everyone out in the audience catches that word Forced. It’s not going to be voluntary. Now, they want this on purpose in order to help them bring in the New World Order the way that they want it.
Let me try to explain what I’m hearing from them as to what Forced Debt Creation is. Many of you who are my age, and I’m in my 70’s, many of you remember back when there was only one credit card in the United States of America – it was the American Express. MasterCard had not been invented Visa had not come into being and all of this back about 40 years ago got our American Express Card and we thought that this is something brand new.
American Express a number of months ago they were no longer a credit card, they ceased to be that and they became a bank. The Government forced them into it. Now, this was Forced Debt Creation on a company that had been strictly a credit card for many many years and they didn’t want to be a bank but they had no choice if they were to continue to exist.
Now the same thing’s happened to the banks of America – QE1 came in, they led us to believe that the whole financial world was going to collapse if Congress didn’t pass the bill to give out trillions of dollars and as a result Congress was threatened and because of it the banks accepted billions and billions of dollars from the Federal Reserve and they were Forced into a debt creation situation whereby now they are totally ruled over by the Federal Reserve. This is exactly what the Elite are wanting over the next 4 years’ time. They want a Forced Debt Creation upon every human being in the United States of America and most of the World so that that person is in such a condition so that at that point they can bring in the New World Order [Jeff – yeah so that everybody is enslaved – and they’re going to do it].
Another good example of this is Student Loans. When I was a young man I went to college got a bachelor’s degree worked my way all the way through college everything from bagging groceries in a grocery store to working for Avis driving automobiles and I worked my way through. They have convinced young people today that the only way to go is a Student Loan.
This is intentional and it is dastardly. It’s something only the Elite would do and when they get out of college and can’t find a job beyond anything but flipping burgers because the jobs have been moved to China and India and Mexico and every place else imaginable – this is a perfect example of Forced Debt Creation and now they have these young people right where they want them so that they are under control and when I hear this Fiscal Cliff and talk with my Elite friends I just want to sit back and laugh! I cannot believe how they have re-programed the minds of the average American [Jeff – they’re re-wired into stupidity, you’re totally right – into subservience hive mentality they do not individually seek to achieve any more because to step out of line to become an achiever exposes them to peer pressure and mockery and they will not go there] and it is stupidity I’m glad that you used that word. 
And Jeff, you don’t know my old friend that talked to me I’d hoped that I could put him in touch with you but you see things so straight – that’s exactly what’s happening. The truth of this Fiscal Cliff they planned as a part of this Fiscal charade that’s going on in Washington they plan as a part of that to create Debt Creation in the Middle Class and that brings me to the third agenda.
The number one agenda was they do not want a collapse of the American Dollar right now. And you can pretty well rest assured that you’ve got 2 or 3 or 4 years down the line. I don’t give any dates – they haven’t given me that.
One of the agendas is Forced Debt Creation on every person that they can possibly force it on. I’m sure they won’t be able to force it on you Jeff, and they won’t force it on me because we’re aware of the fact of what they are doing. And who is going to hurt the most?
OK third agenda – the Middle Class in the United States of America is going to be taxed into oblivion. All you are hearing today is “tax the rich” “tax the rich” people have been so brainwashed by the media by Mr. Obama by Congress through this Fiscal Cliff fiasco everybody thinks the only people going to be taxed is the rich and the rich could care less. The rich already have their millions stashed away in Cayman Islands and every place else imaginable in the world – that’s not an issue at all. The issue is by the time they get through with pushing pressing forcing this Fiscal Cliff issue and making everybody think that the entire world is going to collapse when that’s not what it’s all about.
You know who’s going to get the tax? According to my Elite friend the Middle Class is the average ordinary person – the 9-5 wage earner is going to be taxed into oblivion before all of this is over. Now I don’t know the name of the tax that they’re going to use. I want to suggest a few. I think that they very well might use a marginal minimum tax they might use a national sales tax. You know what’s happened to Obama Care the Supreme Court they knew that there was no other way that they could get the people to pay a premium for years you’ve been buying insurance health care insurance so what do you call it? A premium you pay. They couldn’t get you to do that first of all it was unconstitutional so what did they do? They said it’s a tax! Folks are you beginning to get the message?
[Jeff – Obama Care is a tax no question – it’s a tax and they’re rolling out the socialist agenda – it’s a taxation into oblivion in the agenda – they’re crushing people] And this is one of the methods of bringing about this Forced Debt Creation and I’ll give you the formula in a moment. I was actually given a formula as to how you can watch and know about where everything stands. Now you saw it happen 24 hours ago – Wal-Mart the largest employer of a store of this type in the United States of America, I think the only ahh the Post Office is probably the next as I understand. Wal-Mart came out on yesterday and said that the only people from this point on that are going to be full time employees in Wal-Mart are going to be the management personnel. Everybody else is going to be working less than 30 hours a week because Obama Care says that 29 hours or less per week that the employee does not have to pay the Obama Care. So Wal-Mart came out and said “we can’t pay it – then can stack’m high and sell’m cheap” so everybody is going to be 30 hours or less. [Jeff – and they’re not going to be the only company to do that – this is going to be the national norm now you watch for most companies who are struggling in any way – even companies that aren’t  – 29 hours or less]
Is there anyone who can afford an apartment, an automobile, pay the gas prices and go to work at 29 hours? Alright what does that mean? Are you beginning to see through what my Elite friend told me? He said that the Forced Debt Creation – do you realize that this is forced debt to make a person work to make 29 hours to let Wal-Mart layoff everything except their management personnel – Target and the other stores of their type along with probably the fast food restaurants and so on – they’re all going to hire a lot of people with less than 30 hours – pay no Obama Care – put everybody into massive debt.
This is all a part of the agenda of an Elite of a Forced Debt Creation and is a method of doing it in fact this afternoon I was on a certain show – I just began giving this skinny by the way – Jeff today is the first time I’ve ever given this information – I haven’t done radio shows for about 3 weeks I was so startled. And I knew that I had to put it on record before I dared give it out or somebody would say you didn’t say it.
I had a call this afternoon on a show and the person asked do you know what the Post Office is doing? I said no. He said the Post Office has decided they’re going to do the same thing Wal-Mart is doing. Most of their employees are going to be less than 30 hours per week. I had never heard that until the person called in that was a postal worker and they said that they had just been told that. What are they doing? This is Forced Debt Creation.
Now, think back, and Jeff since I’ve been on your show for many years and had the privilege as a guest you remember that in the archives I was told by Mr. Fromm, you remember when he was alive he was in his 80’s and he passed away about a year and a half ago. In 2009 I was on the phone with him and he basically said to me – he said Chaplin within the next 2-3 years – that’s about where we are right now – you will be so broke you will not be able to do anything about it. In other words you won’t have enough money to take that hour off to go to the protest. You will be so broke – this is the point to which they want to bring us so when they get ready to bring in the New World Order we’ll have diminished so much of our ability to do things financially that we’ll be exactly where they want us to be and when I heard Forced Debt Creation and understood exactly what this meant then it brought me to the formula.
And please I hope you’ll write this down so you can figure this according to your household. While the dollar still has purchasing power that’s fairly good I beg and plead with all of you don’t let up on the preparation that you feel you need to do in order to protect your family. So I’d like to give you a formula and with your calculator you can figure it out for yourself. This formula was given to me I’ll pass it on to you. One of the agendas would be this devaluation formula over the next 4 years’ time.
Now if you have those pencils and papers handy please jot down – when the Federal Reserve on September the 13th 2012 said that they were going to begin pulling out of thin air $40 billion dollars every month and buy mortgaged back securities it basically set the pattern for the devaluation of the dollar at somewhere around 3% per month so please put at the top of your page 3-4% per month automatic loss of purchasing power of the American dollar every month and you are going to see a devaluation of that currency. Secondly add onto that the taxes. Now I don’t know what kind of tax this Fiscal Cliff is going to cause them to come out with but you mark my words I have already been told that the Middle Class is going to be taxed into oblivion.
What the name of the tax is going to be I don’t know. But there is one tax you can be guaranteed of, that one you can be guaranteed of – there is going to be a new tax and never mind the tax on the rich. I’m speaking to you in the Middle Class and then they’ll say “Oh! We have no choice” on not only the rich but you too. Again Obama Care – add on that tax and you will begin paying for that next year. Just keep in mind this is over a 4 year period.
That leaves 10 agendas that the Elite have told me about that are going to take place. So now you’ve got the approximate 3% per month and then you’ve got the new taxes that the Congress is going to add onto you because of this false hype of the Fiscal Cliff then you’ve got Obama Care tax then you’ve got the price of food going up every month then your employer unless you are management personnel are going to cut you down to 30 hours work week. How long will your family at that rate of increase of devaluation of what you bring in every week into your house – how long can you afford to continue to put food on the table gasoline in the gas tank clothes on the back of the family and still pay the house mortgage?
That is exactly about what I’m talking about – they want a Forced Debt Creation so that there comes a point at which you cannot make that mortgage payment [Jeff – you’ll become a complete ward of the state which is the idea – that’s called communism and that’s where they’re going] Yes, and if you figure that out for yourself according to what you make every week you will know how long you can continue to survive in the direction you’re going right now. You positively must get a mindset change and make some preparations for the inevitable. Become self-employed with your own private business. You’ve got to get out of paper which is theirs and if its paper their going to tax it no matter what it is 401K IRA Mutual Funds Bonds Stocks, I don’t care what they are mark my words. These are things that they are doing in order to get Forced Debt Creation in order to bring things to where they want them.
Next the Debt Limit is going to be suspended. Watch! Just as sure [Jeff – there is no debt limit!] Yeah but they’re going to suspend even the idea of it – and oh my goodness can you imagine what this President and Congress will do when there is no talk even of a debt limit? This is one of their agendas.
The dollar is going to be gradually phased out. Now let me try to explain. You saw part of it happen last week. Now please think back – our President went to Southeast Asia – you heard that he was going over there – along with his whole entourage in his 747 and all the rest and he went to Phnom Penh – you saw it – you heard he was going. He was going over to meet with the 15 Asian Nations comprising half of the world’s population folks – and they were going to form a regional comprehensive economic partnership but when he got there what did they do? Did you hear one single word in the National Media as to what happened? Nothing! They didn’t peep! Why? They basically told him to go home. I mean – the United States of America was totally left out of the summit. You want to know what did happen? The Association of Southeast Asian Nations was formed by 15 Asian Nations composing one half of the world’s population and who joined with them? China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, three billion Asians! What did they say? They sent our President home! No wonder the National Media didn’t say anything about it! They told him to go get into his jet and go back home where he belongs. And those nations are not going to use the American dollar any longer for the sale and trade amongst themselves which is one half of the world’s population.
People! Please believe me whenever I say the American dollar is no longer the reserve currency of the world, it is no longer the Petro dollar as of last week. And what BRICS, that is Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa on April the 5th of 2012 when they signed their agreement and that was 43% of the world’s population 18% of the world’s GDP and 50% of the world’s financial capital of the American dollar – when those unused unwanted dollars are returned home – the American dollar you are going to see the most horrible situation you’ve ever seen in your life. I’m trying to say to you the American dollar will be phased out – eventually a New World Order currency will be brought in and they will do it according to their methods and their ways.
Now I’ve got to give you another very startling item and I’ll try to get through these real quick 1,2,3,4,5,6 more agendas. There are new factions out there and you won’t hear this anywhere yet. There are 3 factions. Number one there’s the Old Time Elite whom I knew they are still there – they’re still in control.
Secondly there is Mr. Obama who has double-crossed the Elite numerous times in his first administration and he wouldn’t allow the pipeline across Canada he brought in the Dobbs-Franks Bill which they didn’t want he won’t open public lands to drilling and he double-crossed them and they know he is an out of control like a bull in a china shop President and the Elite have many concerns with him right now.
Third – there is a new renegade Elite and it is disturbing the Elite very much BRICS, Phnom Penh this describes the new renegade Elite and there are factions. Let me put it this way – do you remember the Old Western Saloon and one man started a fight and the whole saloon turned into mass bedlam? Middle Class you are stuck right now in the midst of an all-out free for all fist fight between these three factions and who’s going to hurt in the next 4 years? I cannot imagine what the… Middle Class keep in touch with the Jeff Rense show every single day – you need to know what’s happening.
Let me give you the next one quickly – I want to give you this forecast. Right now today 38% of the people in the United States of America receive some sort of remuneration [remediation?] every month from the Government. It may be welfare it may be food stamps it may be Medicare Medicaid Social Security you may work for the Government you may be receiving your pension 38% of every person in America receives some form of remuneration every month. By the end of 4 years, I have been told, that 70% of the people in the United States of America will be receiving some sort of remuneration [remediation?]  From the Government either state or federal every month – I’m making a prediction based on this – there will never be another honest election in the United States of America because whoever signs those paychecks will always get in as a president of this country.
I want to make a prediction about gold. 2008 gold was $800.00 dollars an ounce and I begged you and I pleaded with you to buy it because of what I’d been told from my Elite friend 2012 you have it up to $1700.00 dollars an ounce – and don’t you wish you had taken my Elite friend’s advice and bought. 2016 I have a prediction based on what I have been told gold will be $3000.00 dollars an ounce – it is the currency of the Elite and I urge and plead with you to give some consideration to doing something in relation to sparing your assets.
The next agenda frightens me. I’ve been a minister of the gospel for 57 years the Devils Messiah agenda you heard me talk about it back two years ago. Mr. Fromm gave it to me before he ever died he used the expression in a conversation one day and I asked him what it was and he said the New World Order can’t be brought in as long as the God who helped to make this nation great and the word of God the Bible of theirs he said they’ve got to be removed before the New World Order can be brought in. In the next 4 years I’ve just been given it by my Elite friend – if your church has a mortgage on it they intend and can take it away from you and tell you what to preach. Folks are you hearing this? This is drastic to every believer every Christian who calls himself a believer – you must get rid of that church mortgage. Whenever the dollar begins to deteriorate – you’ve heard me already give the formula – your church people will not be able to give as they are giving now and that is exactly what they want. They want you to default on your payments for just a month or two and they will come in and reposes the majority of the churches of America and tell you what to preach – and preachers your pension is not going to be worth a plug nickel. If you’re 50 years of age and under you’re never going to get your pension. It’s all a part of what they want to do in the Devil’s Messiah program and I warn you must begin to think about what you are going to do – Pastors in churches.
Millions – and here again is one of the agendas – millions of Muslims will be brought into the United States of America intentionally by design over the next 4 years and they intend to bring in some forms of Sharia Law which for all practical purposes help to nullify the Constitution of the United States of America. [Jeff – absolutely – that’s the end of it by degrees] Sharia Law is going to be introduced into America and you must realize what’s happening. You’ve got to see it we don’t only tell it I show it in my new DVD series.
And last – people you have got to be your own doctor. Please I beg of you to understand what’s going to happen in the medical profession. 40 % of the medical practitioners are quitting as of the time that Obama Care goes in next year. Please believe me when I say this. You go to the emergency room after Obama Care kicks in and you might wait 24 hours to get treatment. 40% it’s predicted of the medical practitioners – and I found out something this past week – I had to go to the dentist Jeff and you know the dentist is the first form of torture on the face of the earth! I never look forward to it. And when I got there I asked my dentist, who I’ve known for a long time, I said what are going to do when Obama Care comes in? He said dentistry is not included in Obama Care. He said we are not affected whatsoever in any manner – he said there is no payment under Obama Care for dentistry. He said you can still come in and pay cash if you want to or have whatever you’d like to do he said we’re out of the picture. But folks if you have to use a hospital if you want your family doctor when you go there the doctor’s going tell them how to treat you and if you happen to be my age you are one of those who very easily could be done away with. Jeff – I’ve tried to explain it as fast as I could and folks I beg of you must understand what the agenda is. There are 10 of them, of the Elite, and they know what Mr. Obama is going to do over the next 4 years’ time and these are the things that you ought to expect. Some of them are encouraging some of them should very definitely alarm you. And Jeff it’s been a privilege that you would me to give these on your program.
[Jeff – well we have another 6 minutes would you please recap those first 4 items that you laid out for us to get a handle on these things and then I want to remind people again how to get the DVD set where you go into great detail about all of this]
Yes, I’d like to give a little more details. So first of all my Elite friend says there will not be a financial collapse yet. And then he said Forced Debt Creation – the reason they don’t want the collapse yet is because they don’t have the world they don’t have Greece they don’t have France they don’t have Germany they don’t have the world into enough debt yet. They don’t have the United States of America 16 trillion dollars is not enough. They can’t convince the American people with that that they should accept the New World Order whenever they want to bring it in their way without riots and all the other things if they can possibly do it but they do not want a collapse of the currency yet because they want to get you more in debt and people you must guard against buying anything that you cannot pay for up front with cash and I plead with you to get a paid for roof over your head even if it’s nothing but a log cabin because if it’s mortgaged they will take it away from you when the dollar deteriorates to a certain point.
So number two Forced Debt Creation – please guard against it very very carefully – the people in America who are going to feel this most – it is not the rich as they have tried to make you believe – it’s not going to be in cuts in expenditures – I doubt that they will cut anything  when it all comes down to it. The Middle Class of America is going to be taxed into oblivion. Mark my words. The Middle Class is the one that is going to be caught betwixt and between all of this. And what you’re going to see was evidenced very well by Wal-Mart and what will be done by Target and others in cutting back in the work week.
I gave here devaluation formula. They very definitely intend devaluate on a “frog falling in the pot” gradually so that you will not jump out of the pot but stay in until you are boiled and this is the method in which they’re going to do it hoping that you’ll give in until the point that I was told along back in 2009 you’ll be so broke that you’ll not be able to do anything about it.
I think I’d like to elaborate a little bit more also if I may Jeff; I am so concerned about the churches of America.  Whenever I heard about the new Devil’s Messiah program and their agendas over 4 years I just almost shuddered having been a Pastor for all those years [Jeff – this is as evil as it gets this is the dark side right in our faces] they must destroy the moral fiber of America. Do you remember a man by the name of Jerry Falwell he came along with the moral majority I’m not saying with all due respect to my Pastor friends you have become the immoral minority and your churches are in desperate situations right now and you don’t have the slightest idea – there is no such thing as separation of church and state in the Constitution and yet they have made you believe there’s a 501c3 that you can’t get up and take position and do something about it and as a result you didn’t take any position in the last few years and you have become the immoral minority and your churches are going to go along with all the houses and the real estate market and it’s only a matter of a very short time and they’ll be coming in knocking on your door and telling you what to preach because they own the mortgage on your church because your people can’t give enough for you to be able to pay the mortgage on that building  – you have got to pay that building mortgage off so that you can stand on your own two feet and get ready.
Now we have posted on a section whereby you can be your own doctor I feel so compelled to let you know what you can do to boost the immune system, what you can do to take care of the cardiovascular system I do not sell any of these products I do not make one penny off them I have posted a section trying to help you realize what you can do in order to prepare now for the day that the new medical system is not going to take care of many of you – it’s going to be very limited as to who it’s going to take care of Jeff. You must prepare to be your own doctor. [Jeff – well if you don’t you’re going to get sick and die] exactly and the service is going to be limited to the few that they want to have that service. They’ve already said that when you go into that doctor’s office you’ll have a little gadget about the size of a cell phone and he will type in some codes that will tell the Government what it is his diagnosis of your problem and before you leave that office it will come back a code to that doctor telling him what he must prescribe for you. Folks are you realizing this? This is a part of Obama Care you are not going to have a choice and your doctor’s not going to have a choice and he’s going to fined thousands of dollars if he does not give you what they say that you have to have and the drugs that they want you to have and can you imagine what they are going to do with those that are on welfare and social security and they would like to get rid of in anyway… folks you really need to come to grips with the mindset change in light of what is taking place today so that’s the reason, Jeff, that I produced these DVDs trying my best to let people know what it is that they need to do in light of what is taking place in the next 4 years.
Jeff Rense: Absolutely correct the idea of people somehow rediscovering self-empowerment is crucial without that there’s no push-back, there’s very little now, I don’t honestly see much of a chance of people rejecting this. They’re going to have to try, the smart ones, to work around the corners somehow. This has been planned for a long time and they have made every possible precaution taken every possible precaution made every possible plan, every contingency has been taken into account. They know what they’re doing. They’re brilliant about it and that’s really that’s that part that the masses will never understand. I’m not saying they can’t be defeated, they can’t be contested but right now Lindsey I don’t see anybody around to go up against them with any real cohesive force. They’ve got no means to find out because the media is denied to them. They’re brainwashed from day one and when they become adults what are they? Children in adult clothing. Not all of them but many of them. So anyway.
Lindsey Williams: Well you’re exactly right and I don’t see an uprising that is big enough to do anything about them and I don’t think they would allow it even if it started. Every person is going to have to be their own boss. They must get out of paper. They must be self-contained. There’s coming a time when you’ve got to have a mindset change or you won’t be able to continue. So as a result I’ve got two of what I consider the finest Christian men in the financial field of advice today and the three of us got together and produced a two hour DVD of none of the problems not a single problem is there the only thing that is there is solutions and we came up with two hours of solutions. I told my friends before we were going to make this DVD I said I want a solution for the millionaire I want a solution for the street person I want a solution for the Middle Class and I said if we can’t come up with those solutions we can’t help people. We have tried to say – come up with solutions that would fit for every single person and it’s a 2 DVD series the first 3 hours and a half is nothing but what you can expect for the next 3-4 years the second DVD series is 2 hours long how you can survive the next 4 years.
The phone number to order is: 1-888-799-6111 24 hours a day or go on the web:

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