A Collective Expression of The Gods

A Collective Expression of The Gods

This is the Genesis Story of Homo Sapiens – The Human Race. 

God is the Progenitor Race – as depicted in the Sumerian Library accounts as an extraterrestrial Progenitor Race that colonized the prehistoric world by genetically engineering Homo Sapiens from an indigenous hominad’s DNA spliced with specifically encoded DNA of the Gods in order to bestow advanced exotic genetic expressions into what was cultivated into a hybrid caste system of humanoids purposed with serving the Gods in the manifest creation of past present and future civilizations culminating in World History as we know it today.

The human being is genetically engineered with a limited lifecycle lifespan in contrast to the Gods who are referred to as immortals because they have lifecycle lifespans of tens of thousands of years. One can only imagine the psychological distinctions and their inherent implications!

It’s all in the DNA…..

Humans are a collective species reproducing over myriad generations into cultural modalities whose traditions span the centuries and millennia of World History as it is taught and indoctrinated into current generations – it is a program actually that uses the instrumentality of language cultivated into the human intellect. 

This is a very ancient science and the progenitors of the most recent primeval history were not the first in Earth’s primeordial history. Apparently this is an ancient art that has been manifesting civilizations throughout the universe over eons of years. 

It is a very old story!

So what we see “evolving” as human culture today is a collage of exotic genetic expression. Once one begins to understand human origins in this light it should be apparent that the worldly madness that we are living through today is a clear and present demonstration of this primordial complexity.

Humans have a confused and chaotic sense of self-identies as one might imagine because they are an admixture of recombined genetic material derived from many extraterrestrial sources that has been cultivated over countless millions of years.

No one human being with such a shortlived lifecycle could ever embrace the full ramification of their collective history as it would be impossible over such a short lifespan. No doubt humans were genetically engineered in this prescribed way. We are meant to be repeatedly reprogrammed to fit the changing times and the current scene in which each one of us finds themself to be living in the present moment.


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