Space The Ultimate Frontier

Space The Ultimate Frontier

We observe space as the “emptyness” or “nothingness” that exists between things or between (i.e. three dimensional) objects as the (linear) “viewpoint of dimension” or as some kind of multidimensional darkness or “black mass” or “dark matter” etc. 

It’s now being reconsidered as the “ether” or “plasma” as the “quantum” medium of electromagnetic wave propagation. The “everywhere and nowhere” in which everything exists or as the “backdrop of consciousness” or sub-consciousness. 

Actually space is considered as the infinite potential of all creation. It represents invisibility not-knowingness or as the “ignorance” dynamically involved in the definitive creation of finite objects. 

In order for consciousness to distinquish objectivity it must define something in terms of what is seen and unseen or what is known or unknown out of the totality of knowingness or omniscience. This represents the infinite potential of creation to manifest an infinite variety of forms and systems of greator or lessor complexity. 

It’s the simplest of things invested into the most complex – from the smallest to the greatest. The infinite totality along an infinite scale of degrees between microcosm and macrocosm – there is no separation apart from a matter of perception from a particular and peculiar point of reference relativity or point of view.

Consider the human being as a reference point. The sensory perceptic range of the human “body” is extremely limited to just a minute fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is the “frog’s eye concept” where it (the organism) only sees what it’s designed to see in terms of its survival purpose and functions. The human body is an instrument of experiential reality with inherent limitations. It is perceptually specific.

Space is an inherent necessity of creation.


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