I am and I am not

I am that I am and I am not that!

This is the ultimate paradox of being.

There is the will to be and to do and to have.

Creation happens.

The human mind perspective assigns objects of identification.

This is the experience of being and creation as it is defined.

Who am I really?

If I am not my body or my ego who or what am I?

What is “my” referring to as being possessive?

If I am untangling myself from attachments to what I consider to be my person what remains after all such attachments are gone?

It would seem everything in the train of thought is a question seeking its answer.

It is said that the answer to a question is inherent within the question itself – which must mean the object of a question is the cause of the question.

The question is looking for an answer which is a logical expression of the meaning of the question and the answer as an object of identification.

I am and I am not the question and the answer as I am not an objective identification.

There is a cause.

Before the beginning there is a cause and the entire purpose of the cause is the creation of an effect. One may assign an an infinite a priori cause as an infinite potential that is beyond any sense of time or dimension. 

It just is.

One’s fact of being is a particular and peculiar perspective of non locality and non linear stasis from which a point of view is defined within infinite consciousness as self-consciousness of a greater or lessor complexity.

This in itself is the process of creation.

I am that I am and I am not. The Question and the Answer.

I am that I am and I am not. The Alpha and the Omega.

I am that I am and I am not. The Cause and the Purpose.

I am that I am and I am not. The Beginning and the End.

I am that I am and I am not. The Abiding Awareness.

All there is is created and experienced within Consciousness.

I am that I am and I am not. The Self-Consciousness.

The Spirit is dynamic energy of causation as the will – willpower and self-determination.

God is omnipotence as the Will of God and the power of creation.

God is omnipresent as the abiding awareness of being.

God is omniscient as the Infinite Consciousness which embraces intelligence and knowledge which defines purpose significance and meaning.

God is Unconditional Love as The Unity of Oneness as The Infinite – The Ultimate Reality – as Divine Love and Wisdom – as Divine Providence.

God is not conditional reality – which is the finite definition perspective and experience of creation – nor either subject or object.

One can only imagine God as The A Priori Source and Origin of all that is.

I am and I am not…..


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