A Sea of Madness

A Sea of Madness

Here’s to the glee of insanity!

As I look out over the world across the public domain all I see is a sea of madness. There is nothing in the public sectors that represents the truth of the reality of the human condition. 

Perhaps in “above top secret” projects such as a speculated “break away civilization” of military underground and undersea “military industrial complex” within corporate installations the real story of humanity is revealed.

But the general public is not privy to know about that. We are presented with a charade – a facade – a circus of the absurd – as a superimposed pseudo-reality that is nothing more than a prefabricated fantasy.

I don’t know where the common citizen stands in this world today or where I stand even knowing what I know as it seems useless in any individual capacity. I guess we just ride the “time wave” until the end of our time to see what comes next – after all is said and done.

The world I see is heading toward imminent devastation. I don’t even entertain indulging in personal fantasies until the end comes as it all seems so pointless. I am gradually losing any interest for living in this world.

The idea of “ignorance is bliss” is insulting.

Knowing the truth and bearing with it into whatever the future might become seems the most optimum approach. 

Anything less would be just stupidity.

Even hope is not an option for it posits nothing more than a wishful uncertainty.


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