Words versus Significance

Words versus Significance

“Every aspirant* on the spiritual path should be constantly alert for some original revelation of truth. If he is content, however, to dwell merely on words without drawing forth the deeper and richer meanings of which the words are but the symbol, he is not being fed from within, but from the pages of a book. Black ink does not taste good, nor is there any sustenance to be found on the printed page, and those persons who are living on the printed word are going to be just as hungry as those who suffer from malnutrition. The sustaining substance to be found in words, printed or voiced, lies in the truth that can be drawn into consciousness.”

“The truths that are revealed in spiritual literature are seeds planted in consciousness, and if those seeds are planted in an active and fertile consciousness, they spring up and bear fruit; but if they are taken into the sleeping consciousness—the unconscious or dead consciousness, the consciousness that is living on form, ritual, or yesterday’s thoughts—they cannot break open, sprout, and mature.”

“Every word of truth that we hear or read should be taken into our consciousness as if it were a seed, and there nourished and fed. It should be fertilized with meditation and by pondering and putting it into practice, until in a moment of stillness and silence the seed can break open, take root, and begin to bear fruit.”

“What we read, then, cannot become stale. Always there is the expectancy that the very next paragraph may contain the “pearl of great price”for us. The next paragraph, or the one we read tomorrow, may be the “pearl”to our neighbor or to someone else.”

“There is no such thing as only one “pearl.” The spiritual life is a necklace that would fit around this entire globe—so many pearls are there in it. Every statement of truth is a pearl, every single principle is a pearl, every experience, almost every meditation, is a pearl, if only we search for it deep enough within our own consciousness.”

“Each grain of truth should be used as a steppingstone or bridge to lead to a deeper awareness, letting more and more truth come to the fore as we travel further and higher. If we are not alert, however, and do not keep the ear and mind wide, wide open to see what lies ahead, it would be the same as trying to cross the ocean in a boat while asleep at the steering wheel.”

“Spiritual literature and spiritual principles are certainly stepping-stones or bridges over which you and I can travel, but they are steps or bridges leading where? Always to our own consciousness! That is the only place where a truly spiritual teaching can ever lead—to our own consciousness.”

““God is no respecter of persons,” and whatever is possible to one is possible to all, but only to those who seek. Seek and find; seek and find; but seek within the realm of your own consciousness. Your consciousness and my consciousness are just as infinite as the consciousness of any spiritual seer, and whatever degree of unfoldment any illumined soul has had, we can have in an equally deep degree. We may not express that Infinity in its fullness, but nevertheless that is the truth about us.”

…..Joel Goldsmith

* There is always a sense of distinction between one’s “self” and God as an intellectual division within the mind. This sense of separation can only be a psychological effect (i.e. the ego) because everything is part of the creation as a manifestation within the one infinite consciousness that is the very essence of God. The dynamic impulse to be seeking must arise from this very source as well. Consequently the “self” seeking God must be a “motivational effect”..


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