World Trade Center Bombings Complicity

World Trade Center Bombing Complicity 1989-2016

Reference:  “The biggest Chemical Attack on American Citizens”  

Planning for the execution of the 9/11 False Flag Demolition of the World Trade Center spanned at the very least four generations of US Presidents including the principle architect George H.W. Bush ex-CIA director psychocriminal arms and drug dealing (assassin of JFK) followed by Bill Clinton (“slick willey”) sex offender and partner in crimes (See Mena AR) followed by George W. Bush (the architect’s idiot son) as the infantile moronic stooge followed by Barack Obama (transgender) traitorous psychopathic mass murderer and pathological liar. 

All of these parties as covert agents of “The Crown” were intimately complicit with a host of prefabricated globalist war crimes against U.S. citizens and humanity Internationally. 

The evidence is preponderous and incontrovertible but utterly distorted and censored by these infiltrating globalist agents of “The Crown” and its Satanic Principalities.

Any firefighter worth his salt would know what happened on 9/11. Any police or FBI detective or insurance investigator would know. Any structural engineer or architect would know. All officials of any military technical official or judicial capacity would know. 

The question to ask is why are all these agencies and the mass media news and information sources all in collusion with the perpetrators of these high crimes?

Any sensible intelligently informed person would know that 9/11 was a thoroughly planned “inside job” –  a set up for a “New Pearl Harbor” to engage the United States in the staging of the globalist’s “World War of Terror” against United States citizens and humanity Internationally.

I know “who did it” how they did it – and why.

When will the rest of my fellow Americans come to their senses?



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