Last Days [iP5]19

The external scene of American Politics

Let’s take a real attack on America. Like 9/11. Iran didn’t do that anymore than 0BL – who did it? Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Venezualia? No – none of these. And now we have the asymmetric warfare being staged across America’s Southern Border – a ‘migration’ army of drug and human traffickers along with terrorists, illegals and criminals invading the United States by the tens of millions – Iran isn’t orchestrating that either. Who is orchestrating this? How about a DOD with a budget of trillions of taxpayer dollars boasting (as you say…) being the ‘most powerful military on the planet’ that can’t even defend America’s Southern Border or bring the real perps of 9/11 to account? Get f..king real!! I could make a few suggestions.

So, ‘they’ (i.e.: Al Gore, Prince Philip et’al) are ‘manufacturing’ Climate Change to fit ‘their’ geopolitical agenda. There’s also the ‘ET’ Disclosure being orchestrated as a ‘manufactured’ event of a similar nature. At least we’ll know what we’re looking at as we witness all these orchestrated events unfolding into the times ahead.

Gulen is fast friends with Hillary Clinton who wrote a forward to Gulen’s book ‘Love & Tolerance’ of all topics! Same demonicratic ‘Hate’ operation against the Trump Administration.

In a genuine democratic republic of soverign integrity legal citizen taxpayers should be able to direct their taxes to their regional concerns. The current congress is so seditiously delinquent it must be bypassed in order to finance border protection. Unbelievable how corrupt the congress, especially the house is revealing itself to be. And what we see is obvious treason occurring. So yes the Border Patrol should be allowed to accept donations.

A time of Revelations. The demons and demonically possessed are showing their true colors. Hollywood is their Facebook. The demonicrats are their party. It’s getting more obvious by the minute.

Fire the seditious DHS Secretary and replace this appointment with a rule of law Constitutional Patriot. DHS Secretary is a disgrace and a liability to this Nation. You’d think that a DOD with a military budget of close to a trillion dollars would at least confront the invasion occuring through our Southern Border as well as all the millions of Illegals and major criminal elements involved who are currently destroying our country as quintessential enemies of the state. Boggles the mind that this should even be a question! A trillion dollars for the MIC and it can’t (or won’t) defend the Southern Border?

The Fed is a criminal organization. Building a monetary strategy on anything the Fed does or has done is condoning a criminal monetary system. The occult criminal principals behind the Fed and IMF are THE very source causes and instigators of war, human enslavement, poverty and disease. Time to get out of it period. No more nonsensical discussions about it. Time for a major change….

Re: Iran – Testing the waters. That’s the tactic. Light up all the tactical lights and see your target’s readiness and response capability as well as global sentiments amongst all the players in this stategic game planning.

These criminal psychopaths have been the scourge of human history. They hide behind masks of authoritarianism. Can you imagine a nation free of this pathological disease? I mean, what would be the fun of that right?!

HRC is dementiated history. A possessed corpse that doesn’t know that it is dead yet. Obama on the other hand is scurrying around in the shadows – like the satanic cockroach he’s always been – in Italy and France behind the scenes with his satanic allies covering his treasonous tracks following in the footsteps of Trump. Obama needs to be arrested and it’s time for True Justice to act. Haul the Obamas in. They are now the kingpins of collusion with foreign enemies. All the rest will unravel in due course.

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