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The external scene of American Politics

I’m asked about being a citizen on myriad official forms. Seems like an essential question for a legitimatly comprehensive census. How could it not be? The recent SCOTUS decision should be remanded by common sense especially due to the fact of rampant voter fraud and the tens of millions of Illegals being strategically deployed as a political weopon in the upcoming elections. It is a huge issue and it needs to be officially clarified.

There are mobs of problems. Literally! – especially considering millions of illegal immigrants invading the National Sovereignty. So… the focus goes to placating these mobs of problems as a National Platform? The existential question is what is the Purpose for the American People – what exactly are we all working for? A free for all welfare state? Is there a higher purpose for the human race on planet Earth or are we all just some kind of surrealistic circumstance in the cosmos? What we have are the most enlightened political documents in CE history – the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. The Crown is the enemy just as it was in 1776. Socialism is a Crown geopolitical invention for destroying American Soverignty and it’s Constitutional Idealism. This is the 2020 contest.

AOC on the border. Can you say ‘photo op’ – she would never go to the real scene because her antics have nothing to do with the factual reality. This pre-scripted political creature is an obscenity to common sense!

I’ll take your word for it. Can’t tolerate this demonicratic clown show. The biggest problem is this insanity seems to make some kind of sense to their radical and lunatic constituencies. Go figure…..

How can you be ‘objective’ on utter insanity? If anything serious comes out of this – be forewarned! Learn what? The whole idea of this enemy is psychotic in the first place – so what are you to take away from a confusion of criminally psychotic nonsense? It is a distraction from what is really at stake. A diversion of public attention away from anything actually relevant. AOC is an absolute lunatic…. Period…… It is a premeditated distraction.

Let’s take a real attack on America. Like 9/11. Iran didn’t do that anymore than 0BL – who did it? Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Venezualia? No – none of these. And now we have the asymmetric warfare being staged across America’s Southern Border – a ‘migration’ army of drug and human traffickers along with terrorists, illegals and criminals invading the United States by the tens of millions – Iran isn’t orchestrating that either. Who is orchestrating this? How about a DOD with a budget of trillions of taxpayer dollars boasting (as you say…) being the ‘most powerful military on the planet’ that can’t even defend America’s Southern Border or bring the real perps of 9/11 to account? Get f..king real!! I could make a few suggestions.

So, ‘they’ (i.e.: Al Gore, Prince Philip et’al) are ‘manufacturing’ Climate Change to fit ‘their’ geopolitical agenda. There’s also the ‘ET’ Disclosure being orchestrated as a ‘manufactured’ event of a similar nature. At least we’ll know what we’re looking at as we witness all these orchestrated events unfolding into the times ahead.

Gulen is fast friends with Hillary Clinton who wrote a forward to Gulen’s book ‘Love & Tolerance’ of all topics! Same demonicratic ‘Hate’ operation against the Trump Administration.

In a genuine democratic republic of soverign integrity legal citizen taxpayers should be able to direct their taxes to their regional concerns. The current congress is so seditiously delinquent it must be bypassed in order to finance border protection. Unbelievable how corrupt the congress, especially the house is revealing itself to be. And what we see is obvious treason occurring. So yes the Border Patrol should be allowed to accept donations.

A time of Revelations. The demons and demonically possessed are showing their true colors. Hollywood is their Facebook. The demonicrats are their party. It’s getting more obvious by the minute.

Fire the seditious DHS Secretary and replace this appointment with a rule of law Constitutional Patriot. DHS Secretary is a disgrace and a liability to this Nation. You’d think that a DOD with a military budget of close to a trillion dollars would at least confront the invasion occuring through our Southern Border as well as all the millions of Illegals and major criminal elements involved who are currently destroying our country as quintessential enemies of the state. Boggles the mind that this should even be a question! A trillion dollars for the MIC and it can’t (or won’t) defend the Southern Border?

The Fed is a criminal organization. Building a monetary strategy on anything the Fed does or has done is condoning a criminal monetary system. The occult criminal principals behind the Fed and IMF are THE very source causes and instigators of war, human enslavement, poverty and disease. Time to get out of it period. No more nonsensical discussions about it. Time for a major change….

Re: Iran – Testing the waters. That’s the tactic. Light up all the tactical lights and see your target’s readiness and response capability as well as global sentiments amongst all the players in this stategic game planning.

These criminal psychopaths have been the scourge of human history. They hide behind masks of authoritarianism. Can you imagine a nation free of this pathological disease? I mean, what would be the fun of that right?!

HRC is dementiated history. A possessed corpse that doesn’t know that it is dead yet. Obama on the other hand is scurrying around in the shadows – like the satanic cockroach he’s always been – in Italy and France behind the scenes with his satanic allies covering his treasonous tracks following in the footsteps of Trump. Obama needs to be arrested and it’s time for True Justice to act. Haul the Obamas in. They are now the kingpins of collusion with foreign enemies. All the rest will unravel in due course.

Leo Zagami is the most interesting person I’ve encountered in the last ten years or so. Time is very exotic these days! For all the information that is available to me it is clear that the Progenitor(s) of the human race – homo sapiens as we know it to be is a tapestry of extraterrestrial genetic material DNA imported into a genetically engineered race – us…. me…. that is demonstrably causal to the enigmatic creation of civilizations. I would say a ‘hive’ organism – a collective as extensions of the immortals – progenitor beings – colonizers – whatever one is inclined to consider as their social relativity. The human genome is the genetic ‘work of art’ in this story. Each person born is a unique expression of this genetic engineering. The progenitor engineers – the immortals – have lifespans of tens of thousands of years compared to the generational lifespans of human beings but we are inherently connected to the One Supreme Lord God as genetic slaves to His Creation – i.e.: the world of civilizations that we find ourselves living in (or through) today. That is as concise a summary as I can conceptualize at the present moment. But it needs to be considered comprehensively in terms of all the we (“slaves”) know and are experiencing – the ‘full spectrum’ of human society and civilization; the sciences and technologies (applied and theoretical) that compose the infinity of details that make up the dense matrix world we find ourselves living in – and that compose how all this has come to be.

Very interesting perspectives. If not Trump…. Who? One needs to study the Trump presence in American Politics, it’s in the factual details – the done deals. There are no other choices at this time. These elitists and world class game players are connected. So there are distinct levels of society – know who you are and where you are in the overall scheme of this world and where it is going? Demonicrats are demonic players. They represent evil and they lie. It’s not all that confusing. Thanks for the stimulating interview!

The Demonicrats are nothing but a legal mob of seditious garbage. Time for the garbage collectors to remove their stench from Congress. That stench is this continuous abuse of due process with seditious rhetoric and the seditious press narratives polluting the mainstream mass media ‘fake news’ public mindset. It’s all a ‘projection’ of their own crimes and seditious intent. The clock is ticking….. Each time they do this it reveals more and more what the real story is…..

This scripted idiot gets so much media attention. AOC is nothing more than demented scripted nonsense. She should be expelled from congress for her seditiously demented content and fined for all the money she is expecting to make off her demented ignorant nonsense at the taxpayers expense – at the expense of the entire world. She’s a seditious parasite. Time’s a wasting…

How do we know that it was even Iran that shot the drone down? (even if Iran says so). The False Flag precedent has been used repeatedly to instigate tactical operations. The [DS] ‘Agenda’ doesn’t wait for strategic events to happen – it manufactures events to move it’s geopolitical operations forward. This has been clearly demonstrated throughout modern history. In all probability this act was a deliberately orchestrated provocation upon Iran. Thus, upon such subjects – there is little faith in ‘official’ pronouncements.

First of all this [DS] propaganda is a lie. The economic decline in Venezualia is due to economic warfare against that sovereign state i.e.: the consequence of U.S.A. Inc. sanctions. It is as simple as ABC 123 logic if anyone knows what logical analysis is these days. I do not support lies as legitimate foreign policy. News reporting like this is simply ignorant nonsense.

This nonsensical ‘reparations’ issue isn’t worth the time of day or any serious consideration. It’s a lunatic leftist bribary scam proffered to solicit miscreant voters for the coming 2020 Election.

Great! Let the Demonicrats squabble amongst themselves from the breadcrumbs and table droppings of their psycho-political notorieties…..

Goodness O’Reilly we want some closure on this criminal [BS] – Clintons and Obamas arrested for their now publicly obvious treason. We want to see this. No more words, no more just playing the [PR] game. I followed the Clintons since the ‘Contras’ and Mena Arkansas. Obama is an obvious convict. It’s not history until these criminals are arrested and prosecuted even if for symbolic crimes.

The Demonicrats are all bluff. Maintaining a cacaphony of social media chaos around a non-issue is nothing more than premeditated distraction and obstruction. There is no use in trying to rationalize it beyond this intention. It’s a crooked game at the American Citizen’s and Taxpayer’s expense. Treason in a nutshell!

I think, as far as Iran is concerned, Zionism as an exponent of the Khazarians and their adoption of Judaism. This is a bloodthirsty bunch hired as mercenaries for the Queen of England – or King to do the dirty work just as is being done today. Interesting mention of Tavistock. Can’t get enough of this historic enlightenment! Communism was engineered for a dialectic political process of political transformation or collective synthesis. It is a geopolitical tool – transient to the deconstruction of existing regimes and reconstruction of a New World Order.

Federal Lands are like the Federal Reserve. Actually this “Federal’ refers to U.S.A. Inc. which is a Crown Corporation better known as the Deep State [DS] where all ‘Lands’ are the propriety of the Queen of England under Admiralty Law. Just wanted to clarify that….. So called Federal Lands are Crown land grabs of which the USG is the custodian.

The big thing is the exposure. Exposure of the [DS] Demonicrats and their satanic constituencies. It’s all about public disclosure – bringing the hardcore sedition into the light of day. This is what is unfolding and these seditious players are exposing themselves more and more each day until the culmination of the 2020 Election. Should the people vote these Demonicrats into office after all has been said and done and after all things considered – then they will reap what they have sown. But I don’t think the election process will be allowed to ‘go there’ in the grand finale that is coming.

The MAD platform involves weopons much more devastating than NBC. Leave those for the ‘Break-away Civilization’. One must assume the MAD game planning involves a number of tactical scenarios no matter what one might see in official [BS] (diplomatic) narratives. One wouldn’t be surprised that obliteration of Russia, China and Iran in particular isn’t one of those tactical options. God forbid it ever comes to an initiation!

Calling it a mistake is a misnomer that demonstrates an ignorance of real history. It is the working out of a nefarious agenda just as a matter of fact. It’s like calling the entire history of humanity is a mistake when it is in fact a done deal in the working out of karmic processes that transcend the human analytic.

Trump ‘threatens’ massive arrests and evictions of undocumented ‘Illegal Immigrants’ as if it’s some kind of a crime against humanity – nice seditious wording! Then how about how ‘Massive Iniltrations of Undocumented Illegals, Drug and Human Slave and Sex Trafficking, Gangs, Terrorists, and Psycho-Criminals’ (by the millions) ‘Threaten’ the Sovereignty, Security, Economic Stability and the Common Wealth and Well Being of Our Nation and Its Legal Citizens? It is easy to see the character mindset behind such statements! My guess is that the Trump Administration should start with highlighting all the seditious, criminal, and foreign infiltrations of Congress!

The problem is most acute in the Congress and specifically the House which is being controlled by seditious Demonicrat’s premeditated obstruction of due process.

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