Last Days [iP5]21

The external scene of American Politics

The longer Congress especially the House and Senate ‘demonicrats’ defer and obstruct the real legitimate and critical business of the state the more irrelevant Congress becomes in serving the Constitutional requirements of our Nation. The seditious nonsense coming out of this utterly criminally deficient and negligent body defies all patriotic reason and credibility.

I’m not into glorifying cultural disintegration or an advocate of mass social madness aka MSM.

I’m asked about being a citizen on myriad official forms. Seems like an essential question for a legitimatly comprehensive census. How could it not be? The recent SCOTUS decision should be remanded by common sense especially due to the fact of rampant voter fraud and the tens of millions of Illegals being strategically deployed as a political weopon in the upcoming elections. It is a huge issue and it needs to be officially clarified.

There are mobs of problems. Literally! – especially considering millions of illegal immigrants invading the National Sovereignty. So… the focus goes to placating these mobs of problems as a National Platform? The existential question is what is the Purpose for the American People – what exactly are we all working for? A free for all welfare state? Is there a higher purpose for the human race on planet Earth or are we all just some kind of surrealistic circumstance in the cosmos? What we have are the most enlightened political documents in CE history – the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. The Crown is the enemy just as it was in 1776. Socialism is a Crown geopolitical invention for destroying American Soverignty and it’s Constitutional Idealism. This is the 2020 contest.

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