Last Days [iP5]28

Last Days [iP5]28

The external scene of American Politics

I can’t stand CNN – haven’t been able to tolerate Cable MSM channeled TV since 1968. These programs are annoying everywhere in transit stations and vehicles, hospitals and public waiting areas. So bad I just try to avoid all of those ‘situations’ – so yes please – remove it and life would be so much pleasanter!

The problem is these ‘pseudo-citizens’ do not know what it means to be an American. The Declaration of Independence is meaningless to them. Why people who immigrate to America and then attempt to denigrate the U.S. Constitutional Republic to suit their foreign agenda are then considered eligible to seditiously squabble in Congress is unclear.

I wouldn’t even think of Amending the Constitution in light of the current political Milieu. The problem is the corruption that has infiltrated and degraded the original and its just implementation. The Original Spirit and Intent of the U.S. Constitution must be reinvigorated and fully expressed while the corruption is systematically removed from its legally sanctified institutions. If I were to draft an amendment it would focus on this final resolution taking measures that prevent criminally seditious corruption from ever returning to its haloed halls through an appropriate National Security Amendment.

Before it got worse things across the social media got surrealistically stupider defying any and all logical rationality into social chaos driven by technological perfection.

You mean the Fake News Media? They are soooo obvious now you’d think there’d be a conservative patriotic revolution! How much more ‘obvious’ does it get?

Post Bilderberger transition to cleanup phase for the occult ‘Order out of Chaos’ agenda where Peace means War and Love means Hate and Truth means Fake News in the psycho-twisted dialectics of the [NWO].

What happened to the right to owning land, the rights of family farms and agrarian style self-sufficient communities – now we are to have the right to the socialist dream? The current Congress should not be proposing or passing any bills until it addresses the existential crisis (at the Southern Border and Infrastructural deficiencies) – forget about all the seditious and miscreant nonsense designed to destroy our Constitutional Integrity. There is a war going on – no time for socialist parties.

The criminal slime in the swamp of record is portrayed in terms of cultural [PR] role models in overcoming their myriad addictions and criminal temptations – it’s so utterly absurd compared with a misinterpreted offhand remark made in the daily Twitter Social Milieu. These demonicraticly twisted narratives wacked out of any logical proportion to any real facts is the MSM order of the day – this miscreant chatter is the societal norm everywhere. It’s so obviously perverse there must be a Divine Reason for its exposing itself in such revealing ways today – so nauseating to witness. One must wonder how such degraded personalities have become societal figureheads and spokespersons with soap opera styled elitist [PR] role models of the current cultural fashion.

They don’t hate you – they don’t even know you. They just hate because that is their psycho-emotional state. Any ‘directed’ object to hate will do. They are an evil hate energy ‘cultivated and directed’ by their demonic handlers. The foment of [MK-Ultra] styled subliminally ‘mind controlled’ miscreants in the most recent generational manifestation of zombie mobs of rabid lunatic demonicratic constituencies. Hail The Lord of Chaos! Let the [NWO] games begin! …… NOT!

Dealing with a coterie of demonically enabled psychopaths protected by their miscreant lawyers and financiers that send their conscripts to answer and be sacrificed for their own high crimes against the Nation and Humanity. These psychopaths have been dominating world history through a host of secret societies since the most ancient times. Will the Clintons and Obamas et’al go to jail? Good question!

Kim is coming around – out from under the influence of the Bush/Clinton/Obama [DS] cartel aka The Crown and it’s geopolitical dialectics for a Globalist take over of the World. Trump is just breaking this satanic spell!

Things are coming around – out from under the influence of the Bush/Clinton/Obama [DS] cartel aka The Crown and it’s demonicratic geopolitical dialectics for a Globalist take over of the World. Trump is just breaking this satanic spell!

[OOD] Projection right on. Psycho-projection – accuse your political opponents of the very crimes you are committing – project your hate and contempt for the citizens and humanity by flooding the MSM with psycho-projected covertly hostile social narratives and spawn mob violence [terrorism] in the streets incited to provoke and demonstrate to show how your political targets are not capable of doing the business of state despite the actual facts on the ground. Demonic(-rat-ic) Projection [possession] has never been more revealed as it is being revealed today!

Spaceshot76 The best level headed information ever. Calms you down to know another knows if you know what I mean. Thanks Much!

[AOC] Totally staged, made up, fabricated, premeditated fraud – a pathogenic personality. All fake news production appealing to her ‘psycho-emotionally’ charged lunatic constituency. Seems being a criminal psychopathic personality (akin to [AI]) capable of pathologically lying with sedition aforethought is her job description for demonicratic participation. [QED] [Nadler, Cummings etc.]

… be continued

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