Last Days [iP5]29

Last Days [iP5]29

The external scene of American Politics

The demonicrats gaslighting psycho-political playbook seditiously projecting their own psycho-criminal crimes onto their opposition political targets – now we arrive at the Epstein case and child sex trafficking in high places. After the crash and burn of a Russian Collusion Hoax – what else is ‘left’ to saturate the MSM fake news narratives with? All tell tale indicators of their own miscreant adventures. Here we go again…….

I can’t stand CNN – haven’t been able to tolerate Cable MSM channeled TV since 1968. These programs are annoying everywhere in transit stations and vehicles, hospitals and public waiting areas. So bad I just try to avoid all of those ‘situations’ – so yes please – remove it and life would be so much pleasanter!

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