Last Days [iP5]41

Last Days [iP5]41

The external scene of American Politics

The demonicrats, including the Pelosi Mafia and the Squad, have a psychopathology of ‘projection’ – projecting their own crimes and treason onto their political targets with contrived ‘gaslighting’ narratives saturating CNN and its MSM and PBS public news media under the seditious platform of ‘Rules for Radicals’ – Now Mueller again. Got nothing to do with sanity.

Everything coming out of CNN and its MSM and PBS affiliates is like this – the characters are like this – the narratives are like this. This is a given. So you can take whatever the point these narratives are suggesting and do a reverse image of the picture to find out what is really going on….. Seems to work out one for one on the average!

This issue has been heavily politicized and misrepresented by the house demonicrats. The continuing endless flow of invading illegal immigrants by the hundreds of thousands each month needs to be stopped as the first and most critical priority of any pending rules and funding regarding this ‘humanitarian’ issue. Since the demonicrats have totally obstructed funding border security and when building a wall to control this endless flow is essential – any other pending issues are complicit with obstruction of any logical solution and only represent a seditious agenda.

Ilhan is part of the ‘Squad’ (radical foursome) – ‘Rules of Law’ don’t apply to communist demonicrats – only the ‘Rules for Radicals’ apply where hypocritical sedition is the agency of soverign deconstruction. Violent Social Chaos vs. Constitutional Law and Order – this is her ideological conflict of interests. Breaking the rules is the criminal’s game.

Situation with Iran. The Crown will do the usual thing – get the American military onto it. The Crown is the quintessential third party continuously instigating wars for their mercenary armies to fight. Pilliaging targeted soverign states all for the spoils of war is the Crown’s agenda.

The demonicrats, especially exemplified by the radical foursome of AOC ilk, projecting the hate which exists within themselves by instigating a natural hate reaction in others so that ‘they’ can then accuse their political targets of being racist and haters. What a game! It’s called ‘Rules for Radicals’ with gaslighting rhetoric and seditious narratives reiterated endlessly over the mockingbird MSM CNN and PBS press and social media outlets repeating their lies and innuendo until a mesmerized public actually believes it – the demonicratic agenda in a nutshell. Until Congress is fixed it shouldn’t be proposing or passing any bills especially through a seditiously populated house. The facts are clear enough.

No. Not until the Southern Border is Secured with resolutions to address the current border crisis of hordes of invading illegals and trespassing of organized criminal activity stopped and terminal solutions to this crisis adequately funded by a responsible Congress.

What demonicrats face is whatever voter fraud they can get away with especially with illegals usurping voter rolls and demographic manipulations; abiding to what degree their MSM CNN and PBS ‘fake news’ propaganda machines spin the polling data. This is a party of high crimes and [DS] criminal syndicates. Apart from anti-Trump / anti-American rhetoric with fabricated narratives in the mockingbird press they have no Constitutional Agenda and appeal only to their seditiously radical lunatic and delusional constituencies.

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