Last Days [iP5]42

The external scene of American Politics

I don’t think the average IQ of the demonicratic constituencies, both radicals and criminally complicit, would be able to comprehend the legal travesty of Mueller’s report and presence – the public is so dumbed down by a continuing stream of political disinformation and gaslighting MSM rhetoric. Hopefully this can be made clear by proper cross examination.

The demonicrats, including the Pelosi Mafia and the Squad, have a psychopathology of ‘projection’ – projecting their own crimes and treason onto their political targets with contrived ‘gaslighting’ narratives saturating CNN and its MSM and PBS public news media under the seditious platform of ‘Rules for Radicals’ – Now Mueller again. Got nothing to do with sanity.

Everything coming out of CNN and its MSM and PBS affiliates is like this – the characters are like this – the narratives are like this. This is a given. So you can take whatever the point these narratives are suggesting and do a reverse image of the picture to find out what is really going on….. Seems to work out one for one on the average!

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