De Blasio

Not even a discussion. De Blasio, if doesn’t know, being as incoherently ignorant as he appears to be, or has no rational intelligence. It’s all a contrived scripted narrative in synch with a seditious agenda. He talks a lot of absolute nonsense woven into the most deceptive demonicratic narrative. The man knows what he is doing but is too psycho-pathological to know that it is wrong and pure evil. This is the rub. Criminal Morality is an inverted mindset amongst a syndicate of criminal cronyism – so the evil is what everyone is expected to do. In this, one is commended for accomplishing the evil agenda. The only downside is getting caught and exposed to a civil moral code (like the ten commandments or the constitution) rule of law. To them the biggest crimes are 1) not doing evil per the evil agenda and 2) getting caught (exposed) putting the evil agenda at risk. This is true of all HRC’s demonicrats. These are personality indicators reflecting the actual source of the [DS] criminal hierarchy. The Secret (Occult) components of the International Intelligence Community. MI6? Mossad? CIA? and associates. Just saying…..

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