Elite Supremacists

Elitist Criminal Cronyism – How about ‘Elite Supremacists’ as a category of stereotypic abominations? It’s these Elite Supremacists that really take the cake as these make up the demonicratic party and are the ones instigating hate and civil divisiveness. Another case of psychological projection by the lunatic radical socialists. These elites are projected as the establishment’s intellectual corporate authorities and political opinion leaders – yet they are the most insidious class in the human population. The spotlight needs to be turned around and spotted on these characters who are the actual cause of human discontent. Millionaires and Billionaires and Royal Families talking down to the general human population and working class striving to make sense of their lives and struggling to make ends meet. How about this class disparity? The Elite Supremacists live in a much different world than all the rest of us – an entirely different reality – one of elitist exceptionalism with syndicates of criminal cronyism. They are the ones who are instigating hate and civil war by design.

About 2012 Convergence

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